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Dubai Back on Real Estate Investors Wish-List, Says AAA


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- Just a few years after a price crash among properties in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), investors are starting to return to the country, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is hoping to attract wealthy investors who may be looking for an alternative investment asset class to invest in. It wants to buy up UAE real estate with the funds raised through the commercial property fund. The fund is expected to effectively establish whether there is an appetite for these kinds of investments in the Middle East.

Although Dubai property values made a very high profile nose-dive a few years ago, investors are once again heading back to the UAE, with the hope of investing in a bargain and seeing values rise once more. The region is increasingly seen as a secure region surrounded in unrest and many Middle Eastern investors are thinking of moving their investments to Dubai as a result.

Real estate in general is growing in popularity among alternative investors, claims AAA, which advocates alternative investments of all kinds. AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, said, “The equity markets are highly volatile at the moment, and investors risk losing money overnight if they fall suddenly.”

He added, “This is leading to an increased interest in real estate and other alternative asset classes, such as forestry, social impact investing and precious metals.”

AAA claims that many of these asset classes are less correlated with equity markets, meaning they are less likely to drop in value when the economy takes further slides. They are also good diversifiers against risk.

AAA supports environmentally responsible projects and investments into sustainable forestry plantations and renewable energy projects. Firms like Greenwood Management, which runs plantations in Brazil, offer foreigners the chance to invest in timberland with a modest initial investment.

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