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Surrender Is a Hot Topic in Fiction, Media and in Real-Life Romance Workshops for Women in South FL

Presented by Heart's Desire International and featuring New York Times Best-selling Author Laura Doyle on May 19th and May 20th


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2012 -- Do modern women want to surrender to a man? If the explosive sales of Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic novel about a man who dominates and instructs an innocent college girl in S&M are any indication, they at least enjoy the fantasy. However, according to Heart’s Desire International, which hosts The Lifelong Romance Seminar on May 19th, and The Sweet Surrender Workshop for Wives and Girlfriends on May 20th the idea of not having to be in charge all the time is alluring for women who make decisions all day at work and as parents. The organization bases its workshops, coaching and retreats on another New York Times best-selling book; “The Surrendered Wife” and “The Surrendered Single” by Laura Doyle, who will come from California to be at both events.

Instead of fantasizing about S&M, Heart’s Desire International (http;// teaches women to reconnect with their femininity and their longing to feel desired and protected by a man. According to Heart’s Desire co-founder Gladys Diaz, “Many of our clients – whether they work in the corporate world, or in the home – are tired of being managers of the universe, and surrendering – or giving up trying to control anyone but themselves – brings them the peace of knowing that they do not have to manage every single decision in their relationship. Perhaps the reason women are so attracted to Fifty Shades of Grey is because the man takes charge – albeit in a degrading way to the woman. Although women enjoy being leaders at work, many women also yearn to feel cherished and taken care of in their relationships. We find that feminine is the new feminism.”

In addition to their workshops, Heart’s Desire international and Laura Doyle are also hosting The Lifelong Romance Retreat for women in Fort Lauderdale June 22nd -24th. They describe the event as a pleasure weekend and note activities like dining on a yacht, doing sun salutations, and enjoying the South Florida nightlife as part of the agenda. But according to Doyle, the purpose of the retreat is for women to learn and practice the habits that lead to lifelong romance.

“Not everyone has gotten the word yet that they can put an end to chronic heartbreak and loneliness by learning a few skills,” says Doyle. “This spring and summer hundreds will make that breakthrough at our workshops and at the Lifelong Romance Retreat for women in South Florida from June 22-24.”

The organization often receives wedding announcements from graduates of the singles and girlfriends program and thank you notes from the wives whose marriages have been transformed into passionate, peaceful, intimate relationships.

“Over a decade ago, Laura Doyle started a “Romance Revolution” which is now practiced in 26 countries across the world. Now she is bringing the revolution to South Florida,” adds Diaz. “Fantasy is great, but it’s even more gratifying to have a real-life romance that’s worthy of the movies and worthy of your life.”

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About Laura Doyle
The press said that New York Times best-selling author and relationship expert Laura Doyle has started “a movement – the genuine kind, the kind with social implications, and the kind that change us forever.” Today the social revolution Laura started has spread in over 15 languages and 26 countries as women of all ages have discovered her extraordinary tools for creating intimate, passionate, peaceful relationships.

Laura has appeared on The CBS Evening News, Dateline NBC, The Today Show, Fox, BET, The Early Show and The View, and in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The London Telegraph, People Magazine, Time Magazine and Newsweek. Her methods of transforming unhappy marriages into passionate unions and helping single women attract the love that had previously eluded them are legendary.

As one of the top relationship experts and speakers in the world, her authentic, powerful, and personal presentations inspire and make a difference not just to her audiences but also to their loved ones. In her popular workshops and life-changing retreats she reveals poignant experiences from her own 22-year marriage. The Los Angeles Times writes that wives who adopt her program “swear by its effectiveness in relieving marital discord and their inability to cope with the pressures of trying to be superwomen." Laura is extremely pleased to be partners with Gladys Diaz of Heart’s Desire International, in her mission to transform the romantic lives of women all over the United States and internationally.

Laura lives near Los Angeles, with her hilarious husband, John Doyle, who has been dressing himself since before she was born. Currently, she is writing her fourth book, developing media projects in the U.S. and Europe, and expanding her training organization for women who teach her methods worldwide.

About Gladys Diaz
Gladys Diaz found her true calling when a South Florida group of single women asked her to be their ‘married mentor’ and coach. The group wanted Gladys to show them how to have the kind of relationship she shares with her husband, Ric. Gladys applied more than a decade of experience as a trainer, public speaker and coach to training the women, whose lives changed completely as a result. Next, Gladys began offering coaching and training for women who were married and in exclusive committed relationships. Later, she co-founded Heart’s Desire International, LLC (HDI) to empower women by teaching them the skills they need to create and nurture intimate relationships.

As a coach and workshop leader, Gladys shows women all over the world how to go from being lonely singles, struggling girlfriends and unsatisfied wives into women who enjoy their birthright: Being cherished and adored by the man who’s right for them. Gladys, who is also a certified Surrendered Wife and Surrendered Single trainer, has kept careful track of the progress of HDI students by measuring relationships formed, engagements and weddings, as well as marriages saved and transformed. Her successful track-record caught the attention of best-selling author and relationship expert, Laura Doyle, who recruited Gladys to be her partner and Director of Coaching and Training for the Lifelong Romance Institute, which provides certified coach training and Lifelong Romance Retreats for Women.

Gladys lives in South Florida with her amazing husband, Ricardo, and her two wonderful children, Nicolas and Xavier. Currently, she is writing a book for girlfriends and working with Heart’s Desire International to create a new paradigm in the world of relationships.