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A trademark is tag of a company. So a company needs to be proper in its registration and maintenance. Here in this article we discuss those parameters which need to be taken care of for trademark maintenance.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2012 -- Trademark is a logo or a sign which distinguishes one brand from the other. Every trademark is different from the other, or it must be so. This distinction is validated when a trademark bearer gets it registered. Therefore in most case it is essential for a trademark to get registered. In case you are finding trouble to get yourself a trademark or getting it registered, you can contact one of the several trademark registration services. These trademark registration services may also help you for a free trademark search and suggestion.

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For getting your trademark registered first, however, you first need to contact a trademark office. Once you get to the trademark office, you need to file a trademark registration. This trademark office holder or the trademark registrar scrutinizes your trademark application. The trademark registration process in India is governed by the central government. Though it is also a fact that a trademark application is scrutinized based on the region. This is because a product or service in a particular region only exists within a region or within a state, then the same trademark may be used by another product or service existing in another state and has nothing to do with the previous state.

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A trademark is an essential part for a registered company, for selling their products or services, as it generally becomes an alias for the company. Therefore there may be cases when a company consciously or unconsciously infringes a trademark of another one. Such cases are hackneyed nowadays. It is because there are umpteen numbers of products and services in the market, whose theme may coincide or, for the trademark of whose, owing to the interest of owner may come out to be the same. In such cases the registration process once carried out carefully and without any discrepancy may lead the case of infringement, in favor of the case filer.

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Every trademark which is registered does not get a lifetime patent over the logo. A trademark registration therefore needs a trademark renewal from time to time, depending on the span of the patent. Generally this time of registration is given to be equal to 10 years for a trademark, after which to protect this trademark it is mandatory to get it renewed. A trademark renewal needs a fee payment when the span of registration is about to get over. There are companies in market which provide trademark registration and renewal services.

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A trademark often becomes a mark of dignity and pride for the company. It not only carries the company’s name with itself, but also the faith of customers, the reliability which lingers the name of the company through years of its services. Such a logo therefore should be unique to a company, with all the litigations being done under the law of the concerned state. It is also necessary to take care of its renewal from time to time. Its solidarity should not be breached. If one finds trouble in taking care of these factors they must hire or outsource companies who are dedicated consistently for the trademark issues.

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