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Smiles Jewelry Offers Wholesale Discounts on Their Jewelries

Smiles Jewelry is now offering huge discounts for people who want to purchase wholesale cheap jewelries.


Yishun Central, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- Smiles Jewelry is offering wholesale discounts on any orders of jewelries on their website. They provided the discount based on the amount of purchase the customers made.

Smiles Jewelry is now offering huge discounts for people who want to purchase wholesale cheap jewelries. Smiles Jewelry is one of the most popular retailers and sellers of Austrian Crystal Jewelry Sets. The consumers that are interested on these kinds of jewelries can visit their website directly and take a look at the great selection of fine and affordable jewelries.

The company will be offering different discount rates depending on the amount of purchase that their customers made. For orders that are above $60, the customer can get 3 percent discount. For purchases above $120, they can get 5 percent discount. For orders above $200, they can get 10 percent discount and for jewelries purchased above $600, the customers can get 15 percent discount. However, there are a couple of things that the customer needs to understand. The discounts can only be availed on a single purchase. It means that the customer needs to make a single purchase of $60, $120, $200 or $600 to avail the discounts.

Aside from the discounts that they are offering for bulk orders, the company is also providing free shipping for any orders on their website - This is a great way to save more money since the customers can get discounts for the jewelries and they do not have to worry about shipping costs because the company will shoulder all the shipping expenses.

Before buying on their website, they are advising their customers to read some of the policies of the company. For shipping and returns, they are offering free shipping so there will be no problems with regard to this. For product return, items with defect can be replaced by the same item or exchange for other item with the same value. They can also ask the company to add the money for store credit balance in case the customer wants to buy another type of accessory.

According to reports, the jewelry industry is not very beneficial lately because of the different economical factors that affect the industry. Aside from the continuous problems on jobs, the increasing prices of commodities also affected the industry. Reports stated that people are hesitating to buy expensive jewelries because they wanted to use money for other purposes. There are surveys saying that 8 out of 10 people prefer buying other stuffs instead of wasting money on jewelries. For the jewelry industry, this is an alarming problem.

This is the main reason why they are trying to sell cheaper jewelries that are also elegant and fashionable. There are jewelries that are elegant in nature even without the presence of expensive stones and gems. This is the main goal of Smiles Jewelry. They want to offer the best quality and the most fashionable jewelries that are not too expensive. They are offering a large collection of earrings and jewelry sets that will surely be a big hit for people who loves to wear fancy jewelries.