Offer Your Own Mobile Web Development Platform With a White Label (Private Label) Solution

MobiFriendly says that by offering a White Label Solution, also called Private Label, you can offer mobile website services to your clients under your own brand.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- With the mobile ecosystem growing larger every day, agencies of all sizes are searching for ways to provide mobile solutions to new and existing clients. Mobile web development is not easy, with over 5,000 different handsets it's all but impossible to design mobile internet sites that will perform perfectly across them all.

How can website providers afford to spend time and resources developing these mobile sites that may or may not work for their clients' customers? Simple: they can't. They need a solution that decreases the cost of mobile web development.

An ideal solution would be a mobile content management system that allows them to create mobile internet sites quickly and easily, while maintaining their customer's professional brand. That solution is mobiFriendly.

MobiFriendly was the original mobile content management system. With an easy-to-use interface and updates that appear in real time, mobile web development is as easy as clicking a button labeled "Add Mobile Website". By offering a White Label Solution, also called Private Label, you can offer mobile website services to your clients under your own brand. mobiFriendly creates an administration panel for every White Label and brands it using the company's logo, colors, and messaging.

"mobiFriendly's central philosophy is to do all the heavy-lifting of technology development and allow Private Label Mobile partners to reach out to small and large businesses. mobiFriendly also generates and distributes all necessary sales and media tools to enable White Label Solution providers to sell," says Angie Morrissey of mobiFriendly.

The technology side of the mobile content management system (CMS) is maintained by the IT staff at mobiFriendly. They maintain 99.9% uptime, add new features to the platform twice a month, and are available for any tech-related questions White Labels might have.

The customer-facing side is left completely to the discretion of the White Labels. The agency can create all of their private label websites for their clients, or let the clients login and do their own mobile web development through the CMS.

All of the sites created with this mobile content management system are compatible with all current mobile devices (including iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices), and mobiFriendly's state-of-the-art testing lab ensures that new phones will display these sites flawlessly as well. If your company is interested in being a leader in the mobile web space, look into saving time and money by partnering with mobiFriendly as a White Label.

To learn more about the various services and options provided, visit the website now!

About mobiFriendly
Owned by Parsus Solutions, LLC, mobiFriendly has developed a white label solution that can launch a branded mobile content management system. The solution is currently used by dozens of private label mobile resellers and is grown rapidly. The platform now powers more than a thousand sites in multiple languages in all 5 continents.

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