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Principal Coaching Must Be Part of NCLB Waivers Notes Dr. Rich McGrath of Kaizen Education Leadership

Principal Coaching Must be Part of NCLB Waivers Notes Dr. Rich McGrath of Kaizen Education Leadership


Sioux City, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- State legislatures are wrangling over education reform legislation that will establish a plan to turn around low-performing schools and address teacher evaluations, tenure, and dismissal. Coaching principal leadership in best practices, and effective change methodologies is needed regardless of the specific metrics devised by individual state legislatures. Principals must lead the change.

Essential aspects of the school improvement model are thoroughly examined in Kaizen Education Leadership, developed by Dr. Rich McGrath. The U.S. Department of Education has put several states such as Connecticut on notice insisting that they must demonstrate the ability to turn around low-performing schools and link teacher evaluations to personnel decisions. These are key concerns as the federal agency weighs the applications for a waiver from the No Child Left Behind law.

Kaizen means change. For a quarter century, Dr. Rich McGrath has been an important change agent in elementary education. Using well-established kaizen principles, Dr. McGrath has developed a systematic way to enter an elementary school and observe, assess, and recommend change that delivers research-based recommendations for best-practices, and continued process improvement. The elimination of wasteful and ineffective strategies generates both qualifiable and quantifiable results. Ongoing monitoring is a critical aspect of Kaizen Education Leadership.

Dr.McGrath is meeting with schools, school districts, and education leaders in states most impacted by the NCLB waivers. The federal funding sources continue to have stipulations based on performance standards, although the metrics and measurement mechanisms may vary greatly as waivers are granted. Dr. McGrath insists, “Objective assessments are central to finding both immediate and on-going research-based improvements. Too often education consultants go into a school with a one-size-fits-all methodology or approach. The culture of each school and each school district requires leadership input, coaching, accountability, and results. No two children are the same, nor are two principals. Kaizen Education Leadership was expressly designed as a transformative process for elementary school principals.”

Dr. Rich McGrath (http://www.drrichmcgrath.com) is an expert in all phases of education, particularly versed in school-wide reform of inner city schools; with experience leading a school of students with over 90% poverty and over 60% English Language Learners.

Dr. McGrath served as principal for the past decade. Before his career as a principal, he was a reading consultant for Northwest Area Education Agency for five years; a classroom teacher for fifteen years for Sioux City Community Schools, Iowa and Aurora Public Schools, Colorado.

A graduate of University of Denver, Colorado, Dr. McGrath studied education under Ellin Oliver Keene, noted education author. Dr. McGrath received his Master’s in School Administration from University of Northern Iowa and then earned his doctorate from University of South Dakota in Curriculum and Instruction. School Administrators of Iowa recognized Dr. Richard McGrath as one of the leading elementary school principals in Iowa in 2011.

Change management is the hallmark to navigating the NCLB waivers and elementary school principals need guidance to ensure that continuous process improvement and lean education principles are implemented.

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Dr. Rich McGrath