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J.N. O'Shea & Associates, LLC Unveils Debt Buyer Service Listings


Saint Louis Park, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- J.N. O’Shea & Associates, LLC has unveiled their collections service listings that they will be offering to industries across the United States. External facilitation of settlements, as well as internal contracting opportunities, is available to organizations in all industries. And, with the expansion of freelance operations, the need has never been higher for a reputable and ethical debt buyer.

Debt acquisitions are made by J.N. O’Shea & Associates, LLC on a monthly basis, allowing clients to enter the industry seemingly at will. Further, with an account receivables management system in place, health care providers or financial institutions can facilitate payments, collect on unpaid debts, and seek settlements for invoices that have lingered for far too long.

Telecommunications companies can use the “in house” service offerings to outsource their payment and financial divisions. This service design is an exhibition of the changing landscape of the corporation setting and delivers a key component of the collections process. By having experts that remain a “faction” of the host organization, companies can refer former or existing customers to the “Accounts Payable” department, increasing efficiency and helping to elevate the overall perception of a business.

Cycling revenues are also a key component to the J.N. O’Shea & Associates business design. Many health care offices rely on cyclical payments to ensure that all bills or invoices are kept current. By managing these payment schedules, following up with clients regarding payment delinquency, and reporting back to the host company, doctor’s offices or hospitals can significantly reduce the capital spent on the payment collections and settlements.

In an effort to announce their latest service offerings, J.N. O’Shea & Associates is expanding upon the currently industry expectation of a debt buyer.

For more information, visit http://www.jnoassc.com