Rotacaster Wheel Ltd

Rotacasters Proves Only Alternative to Swivel Caster


Tighes Hill, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2012 -- According to Peter McKinnon, managing director of Rotacaster, “Patented Rotacaster omni directional floor wheels combine 360° movement with fixed orientation…it is the only real alternative to the swivel castor.”

Rotacaster omni-directional wheels
-Unrivalled 360 degree maneuverability & rotation including lateral & diagonal movement
-Unique fixed orientation
-Simple & stable mounting options
-Direct tracking & directional control
-Superior load stability
-Robust, durable & corrosion resistant construction
-One of the only alternatives to the swivel caster

Because each Rotacaster omni-directional wheel acts independently, multiple wheels and layouts can provide extra maneuverability and be customized to meet specific load weight and distribution requirements. Wheels can be purchased independently so customers can add their own mount or purchase a Rotacaster wheel and mount combined.

Rotacaster Wheel Options

48mm diameter Rotacaster omni-directional wheel
- Available in double row configuration only.
- Optional sealed bearing or Rotacaster Delrin hub inserts

125mm diameter Rotacaster omni-directional wheel
- Available in single, double or triple row configurations
- Single omni wheels only suitable for conveyor transfer use
- Double & triple omni wheels come with either sealed bearing or nylon bearing option
- Double & triple omni wheels can generally be fitted with fork, channel or rail mounts
- Fork mount (rig) options available for 125mm wheel

Rotacaster, while fixed in a primary orientation, facilitates movement in any direction without the need of a traditional swivel mount. Omni wheels have been used in conveyor and light-duty robotics applications for years, yet the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel is engineered to provide additional robustness, durability, and ride quality necessary as an industrial floor wheel.

Applications for the Rotacaster range from material handling equipment (hand trucks, trolleys, dollies, carts, skates) to shopping carts and luggage; from conveyor transfers, pipe rollers, and other inverted applications to robotics and patient lifts in medical settings.

McKinnon shared the company mission, noting, "At Rotacaster Wheel Limited, we truly believe our unique products have the potential to revolutionize workplaces by offering real equipment solutions that create a safer working environment. With core values such as safety, quality and innovation, our award winning company strives to design ergonomic products that are practical and that will reduce overall costs by reducing workplace injury and increasing productivity."