MamaBear for iPhone and Android Monitors Children and Gives Them Three Easy Check in Options.

Information on the Children’s options with the MamaBear child monitoring app.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- The MamaBear child monitoring app offers children three simple options to contact parents, in addition to the numerous child monitoring features the app offers parents. The MamaBear app is available for Android and iOS enable smartphones, and downloads easily from the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store. Once Installed and activated on the child’s smartphone it gives the parents several monitoring options. On the child's version, the app provides three buttons; “Check In,” “Call for Ride,” and “Emergency.”

The “Check In” button is the easiest option for both parents and children. The child simply opens the MamaBear child monitoring app, clicks on the “Check In” button, and the parent receives an alert immediately. The check in alert includes the time of check in and location of the child. This gives children an easy to way to let parents know they are staying out of trouble at a public location. Parents can use location alerts along with the children’s check in, to ensure the kids are staying put.

The second button on the children’s version of the MamaBear app is the “Call for Ride” button. This button sends an alert directly to the parent through Push notification or email alert to let the parent know the child is ready for a pick up. This feature is handy for children studying, shopping and doing other open ended events who want to send a quick message to the parents that they are ready to go.

The last, and potentially most important, option is the “Emergency” button. Preteen and teenage children sometimes find themselves in many situations they would rather not. Peer pressure and a desire to fit in can prevent a child from calling home or leaving. Even worse situations may not allow a child to call home directly. The Emergency button on the children’s version of the MamaBear child monitoring app gives children an easy to use one button signal to let parents know they need immediate assistance.

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