Lead Exchange Posts 1st Quarter 09 Gain


Phenoix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2009 -- Leadpile, The World's Largest Online Exclusive Lead Exchange announced today record results for the 1st Quarter 2009. LeadPile posted record Revenues from Leads generated by its Lead Sellers or Affiliates. Total Revenues from Lead Sellers were up 125.1 percent in first quarter 2009 as compared to first quarter 2008.

Leadpile's Centralized Online Exclusive Lead Marketplace, supports over 5000 affiliates (as of FYE 2008) that use the exchange to find suitable lead buyers. Affiliates can focus on driving traffic to their pages and not on managing lead buyer relationships. Over 80% of LeadPile’s active affiliates are currently using the MicroClick™ form, offloading the responsibility for lead collection, management, and quality control to LeadPile. The Company can thus track leads from inception ensuring best practices and lead quality. Affiliates are very dependent on the MicroClick™ form to participate in lead generation, making the LeadPile lead flow extremely “sticky.” LeadPile can make on-the-fly changes to the MicroClick™ form to change the type of leads collected and the manner in which they are gathered, giving the Company more insight and capacity to manage the flow of leads to the exchange.

Astoundingly, LeadPile’s MicroClick™ form had 2,628,345 impressions in the first quarter of 2009, or loaded approximately once every three seconds on the Internet.

Andrew Jacob, CEO of Leadpile says, ""LeadPile is a leading provider of leads across multiple verticals, including payday, starter credit, debt consolidation, credit repair, bankruptcy, auto financing, and homeowner. The diversified business model of LeadPile’s exchange system benefits both buyers and sellers, as the Company functions as a central marketplace for lead transactions. While we are pleases pleased with our Lead Exchange's traction, the Leadpile Marketplace will continue to seek even better leverage opportunities as more companies gravitating toward the most efficient online solutions to produce and secure quality real-time delivered leads.""

Jacob adds, ""I would like to personally thank our Programmers and Account Managers for making the first quarter of 2009 one that we can all be proud of. While we are only scratching the very surface, our entire team is committed to continuing our scale.

About LeadPile:
LeadPile (“LeadPile” or the “Company”) is the premier Lead Exchange, providing a central marketplace for the buying and selling of targeted consumers or “leads.” The Company’s system sits between lead buyers and sellers allowing them to conduct business in an efficient, exchange-driven environment providing value to both parties:

MicroClick™ technology is a turnkey solution for lead sellers – The Company’s MicroClick™ form allows high traffic affiliates to merely place LeadPile-generated code on their pages in order to immediately produce leads. These leads are directly routed to the exchange for sale, thus the system allows affiliates to generate leads without creating a backend management system or managing lead buyer relationships.

LeadPile model ensures lead quality and accountability – Since LeadPile is able to track the majority of its leads from inception, lead buyers are assured that the customer data is valid and was appropriately solicited. Furthermore, the Company systematically checks the efficacy of leads and allows customers to return any invalid leads that may have passed through the system.

Exchange platform yields market efficient pricing – Lead pricing generated from the exchange benefits both lead buyers and sellers. Lead sellers are assured the best price for their product as buyers competitively bid on their leads. Lead buyers manage their return-on-investment (ROI) as they tune their bidding to meet supply.

LeadPile’s exchange specialists ensure market efficiency – LeadPile keeps a close watch on the supply and demand of each lead vertical trafficked through the exchange. The Company’s exchange specialists can generate additional leads or assist affiliates in additional origination if there is a shortage, much like the specialists on the NYSE. Furthermore, the Company can easily gauge marketplace supply and demand curves in new lead verticals, driving both buyers and sellers to the exchange when new opportunities are identified.

The Company currently supports over 50 different lead types, but given recent market trends, the financial products vertical has been experiencing hyper-growth. The management expects this trend to continue as vendors of financial products are forced to be more selective in choosing customers as they continue to seek out only the most qualified consumers. "