Dr. David Cola

Professional Weight Loss Expert Reveals the Harrowing Secrets of the Weight Loss Industry

Alarming statistics, drugs with life threatening side effects, marketing tactics that promote obesity, public brainwashing lead to our nation’s worst nightmare!


Akron, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2009 -- Dr. David Cola, a board certified family physician and weight loss expert whose career has spanned over 17 years with over 100,000 patient encounters, has written the most revealing report to date on the status of the our nations overweight and obese population.

“Our nation is in a real crisis”, says Dr. Cola. “The weight loss industry promotes obesity using tactics that do nothing more than manage symptoms, while failing to address the real issue, which is effective weight loss for everyone.”

The glaring misuse of information along with marketing tactics that are deceptive and misleading renders the average person helpless. “It is no wonder that 66.2% of American adults are overweight”, says Dr. Cola.

The dark underbelly of this billion dollar industry is exposed in his report, “The Death of the Weight Loss Industry”. “I wrote this report to wake up the public”, says Dr. Cola. “People need to become cognizant of the tragedy that is sweeping across our nation”.

The facts speak for themselves. The pain, suffering and disease risk associated with obesity must become priority number one. “We must improve upon our methods”, says Dr. Cola. “No longer must we accept failure rates that exceed 75%”.

“Not only am I encouraging every American to read my report at DeathOfWeightLoss.com”, says Dr. Cola, “but I am collecting weight loss information. I’m asking visitors to take a short survey which will illuminate the needs of the public so I can further adapt my 17-year proven weight loss system responsible for tens of tons of weight lost and use it to serve the needs of the internet user”.

Every year, thousands of people needlessly suffer and die as a result of the diseases associated with being overweight. The costs are astronomical and are draining the health care system.

Dr. Cola’s venture offers a ground-breaking opportunity for every person that is currently at an unhealthy weight. This is a new generation of a slimming program offering professional assistance no matter where you live, on a truly global stage.

“I believe that performance based, prevention is a wave of the future”, says Dr. Cola. “Rewarding success, paying for results and teaching people not only how to lose but how to keep the weight off forever is the fair method of doing business.”

This project also offers the potential for the future collaboration between Dr. Cola and other health care specialists who are willing to put performance and results on the line when dealing with weight loss.

For further information, visit the Dr. Cola’s web site at http://DeathOfWeightLoss.com. The site offers in-depth, eye-opening information about the weight loss industry that nobody’s talking about.

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