More Bang for Your Buck: Pet-Friendly Hotel Directory Offers More than its Competitors for a Cheaper Price is a pet-friendly directory that benefits both pet-toting travelers and hoteliers. In addition to providing affordable advertising HAP is running a promotion of the option to either save money or donate to animal charities. The website is a resource for hotels, travel tips, pet products and other animal services.


Corvallis, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2009 -- (HAP) is a hotel directory that features pet-friendly hotels in all 50 U.S. states to people all over the world. Hoteliers can pay a low yearly rate to advertise their hotel(s), and pet owners have a convenient directory that allows them to find a hotel that welcomes them and their pet(s).

In a recessed economy, the service HAP provides presents a great benefit to hoteliers because it reduces vacancy rates and promotes hotels that accommodate pets. Many people have a difficult time locating pet-friendly hotels; they benefit by having the information they need to compare from the frugal to luxury establishments in one convenient location.

HAP allows pet-friendly hoteliers to advertise at a low annual fee of $100.00 for the premium membership. This membership price is a much lower rate than many of its competitors and does not skimp on the benefits. There are currently over 700 hotels listed in the directory.

Hoteliers are given the creative freedom to write a description of their services. In addition to their ability to provide a description of their property and amenities exactly as they see fit, there are many other benefits such as a featured sidebox display, map, logo, image gallery, creative banner display throughout the site, and nearly 20 other features.

These hotel advertisements reach potential clients on a global level. Additional exposure like this is important to stay competitive, and advertising on the Internet reaches an unlimited amount of potential customers.

In order to provide a comprehensive list, HAP is offering a $50 cash prize to travelers that solicit a pet-friendly hotel to join the directory at full price for a limited time. Plus, hoteliers following HAP on Twitter have the option to receive a discount code for half off a year's membership or pay full price, and HAP will donate $50 to their favorite animal charity.

HAP also provides travel tips, related sites, and other additional information as resources to pet owners.

As owner/operator Michele Peters Schamp stated: "We are neither a non-profit organization nor a charitable foundation; however, I hope to be providing a service that resembles this type of vision. HAP is designed to be an easy to remember, up-to-date resource for both hotels and pet-toting travelers."

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