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Harbinger Releases Raptivity Web Expert

Software helps web professionals add interactions to web sites quickly and easily


Redmond, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2009 -- Harbinger Knowledge Products today announced the release of Raptivity Web Expert, a break-through software product that helps web designers and developers add deep and meaningful interactions quickly and easily to their web sites.

With interactivity, web page visitors stay longer, engage better and return sooner to web sites. Raptivity Web Expert leverages the award-winning Raptivity technology, which is based on Harbinger’s unique Rapid Interactivity approach.

“As a global leader in interactivity software, we believe that interactivity is a giant leap forward from mere user interfaces. Unlike user interfaces, interactivity is about keeping the user engaged on the web page. Interactivity provides a whole experience of doing stuff differently on the web page – using a 3D navigational space, a flip book, an interactive animation or a panning card deck, for instance. Raptivity Web Expert makes it easy to add such experiences to the web", said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group.

With Raptivity Web Expert, people can add interactivity to their web pages with minimal learning and absolutely no programming. Licensed perpetually and royalty-free at $99 under a special limited-time promotion, Raptivity Web Expert provides a unique library of rapidly-customizable templates, known as interaction models. Interaction models are, in turn, based on most common ways users interact with web content. The output of Raptivity Web Expert is based on accepted industry standards, easily distributable over the Internet, and does not require any proprietary plug-in.

“Web developers are constantly under pressure to deliver more for less. Raptivity Web Expert makes the job of building interactions quick and easy, in an economical way. The launch offer of Raptivity Expert gets them up and running at a low cost. Converting web sites into interactive experiences is now within everyone’s reach,” said Seema Chaudhary, President, Harbinger Knowledge Products Inc.

To know more about Raptivity Web Expert, visit http://www.raptivity.com/webexpert/

About Harbinger Web Interactivity Solutions Division
Harbinger’s Web Interactivity Solutions Division offers cutting-edge products for building interactions that add Web 2.0 sizzle and stickiness to your web sites and web applications.

This division offers various web developer products to help make websites more interactive. TeemingPod is one such product.

TeemingPod is a SaaS component that quickly and easily adds social interactions in web pages. With TeemingPod, Web developers and Web designers can add social interactions to their Web applications and Web pages quickly and easily. This provides their users a space to do things together like polling, debating, questioning, leaving links and searching.

More information about TeemingPod is available at www.teemingpod.com

To know about other web developer products of Harbinger, visit webtools.harbingergroup.com.

About Harbinger Knowledge Products
Harbinger Knowledge Products is recognized as a global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development.

Recently, Deloitte named HKP among the fastest growing technology companies in its Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India programs.

Harbinger Knowledge Products is part of Harbinger Group, which serves customers in over 45 countries through its offices in Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), San Jose (CA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA), London (UK) and through its partner network worldwide.

Harbinger's patent-pending technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in groundbreaking products, including market-leading Raptivity, innovative YawnBuster and cutting-edge TeemingPod.

For more information, visit http://www.harbingerknowledge.com.