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Your Child Can Create Art and Learn Simultaneously

Named ‘Top Franchise’ by Entrepreneur Magazine, KidzArt is all about being creative and learning at the same time. KidzArt, a featured franchise and business partner of, allows students to learn through the use of art. By giving students the freedom to express themselves creatively, children and adults alike learn to apply what they have learned in class in the real world, as well.


Brampton, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2009 -- KidzArt teaches art in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. This allows students to grow “out-of-the-box” at their own pace. They are not confined to strict rules and guidelines and are not pressurized to make huge leaps; whether it’s small or big, the step is what matters at KidzArt. Students are taught easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life.

KidzArt art franchise was created as a means to address the growing demand for guidance in creative thinking and problem solving. The KidzArt curriculum doesn’t stop just at art. It includes a wide range of creative activities which help promote problem solving, as well. KidzArt also focuses on exercises to help build learning skills. There is no pressure to meet particular expectations; KidzArt welcomes and appreciates individual styles. With KidzArt and its programs for all ages, students learn to see the world differently.

In the United States, KidzArt is located in 27 States, as well having international locations in China, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, South Korea, India, and Kuwait.

More information about the benefits of KidzArt and how it works can be found at:

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