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Hole Drilling Option On Flame Cutting Machine


MIllington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2009 -- AutoDrill equipment recently enabled a manufacturer of flame cutting machines to offer a new option for their customers. Because making small, accurate holes through thicker material is sometimes impossible with a flame cutting unit, the manufacturer researched putting an automatic drill onto their machine.

By drilling all the holes with a standard AutoDrill machine, smaller holes are now possible through even the thickest materials due to the optional peck drill features available. Additionally, the customer is considering placing multiple spindle drill units on a single fixture to drill many small holes at the same time for some applications. Annular cutters with a positive plug ejection system can be used for some applications as well.

All the equipment is rated for continuous duty production work. AutoDrill offers free application and design assistance during the quote and post-sale process. Free CAD drawings are available for all their equipment.

A search for "AutoDrill" on YouTube and other video sites turns up a number of example videos.

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