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Peoria New Car Dealers to Offer HS 250h featuring Lexus Enform with Safety Connect

Peoria New Car Dealers to Offer HS.


Peoria, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2009 -- Lexus of Peoria, the number one Bloomington Lexus dealership and Lexus dealer in Champaign, will begin offering the brand new dedicated hybrid Lexus HS 250h featuring Lexus Enform technology with Safety Connect.

Becoming available at Lexus of Peoria new car dealers this summer, the HS 250h will offer Lexus Enform with Safety Connect on navigation-equipped HS vehicles. Safety Connect is a service that provides valuable safety and security services along with driver-friendly features and new luxury technologies.

“We are proud to introduce these services and advance our relationships with our Lexus customers by providing them the features they need to feel safer and more secure while on the road,” said Jon Bucci, TMS vice president, Advanced Technology Department.

Safety Connect is the foundation of the HS 250h’s new telematics offerings and will supply essential safety and security services to further a driver’s confidence on the road.

“While a portion of the industry appears to be migrating to reliance upon wireless handheld devices to deliver in-vehicle safety, we’ve followed our engineering insights and Toyota’s G-Book and G-Link roots in Japan,” said Bucci. “Based on our experience and research, our core safety and security technology is embedded in the vehicle to help ensure reliability and responsiveness.”

That safety technology offered at your Lexus dealer in Champaign comes with features like Automatic Collision Notification (ACN), Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button, and Roadside Assistance.

Safety Connect’s ACN feature will help drivers receive prompt response from emergency teams. In the event of severe collision, the response center will be notified automatically by through cellular and GPS technology. Once the response center receives the vehicle ID and the vehicle’s location, an agent will speak with the driver to determine if the situation demands emergency response. If a driver does not communicate, an agent automatically notifies emergency personnel, using the vehicle’s GPS location to find the nearest emergency responders.

Safety Connect subscribers who purchase their Lexus HS 250h at Lexus of Peoria, your Bloomington Lexus dealership, also enjoy a greater level of security if their vehicles are stolen. Safety Connect will track the location of the stolen vehicle using the vehicle’s GPS. Safety Connect call center agents will help authorities find and recover the vehicle.

Every Safety Connect–equipped vehicle purchased at the Lexus of Peoria new car dealers will come with an SOS button linked to the call center's 24-hour emergency assistance line. If a driver is in an emergency situation, he or she will be able to quickly reach a Safety Connect response agent, who will use cellular and GPS technology to dispatch necessary emergency assistance. Roadside Assistance is also available via the SOS button for any other road-related issues.

In addition to Peoria new car dealers offering Safety Connect on the new HS dedicated hybrid model, the Lexus Enform offering will supply a higher echelon of driver care to any HS 250h owner. Lexus Enform will give drivers a broad range of features, but two features, Destination Assist and eDestination, are the basis of the Enform system that your Bloomington Lexus dealership will offer on the new HS 250h.

Destination Assist gives drivers push-button access to a live operator who will provide destination assistance. From restaurants to gas stations to museums, drivers can speak to operators easily and safely while parked or driving toward their destination. Destination Assist operators will steer HS drivers to the closest or specified destination. After telling the operator a destination, drivers also will see the destination appear in the vehicle’s navigation system, as the operator will have it sent wirelessly. For example, if a driver were seeking the closest Lexus dealer in Champaign, an operator would point him or her to Lexus of Peoria.

Another fantastic feature of Lexus Enform offered at your Lexus dealer in Champaign is eDestination, which lets HS 250h drivers input preferred destinations online and send them wirelessly to their vehicles. Customers who buy an HS 250h at Lexus of Peoria, the Bloomington Lexus dealership, will be able to log in to their online accounts and customize their destination preferences and favorites so that their Lexus Enform system is completely compatible with their lifestyles.

With eDestination, buyers who purchase an HS 250h from the Lexus of Peoria new car dealers can construct an online destination library of up to 20 customized folders, with up to 10 destinations per folder. Owners can save or update their library whenever and wherever they choose. For example, folders with the addresses of friends or favorite restaurants can be saved as permanent while new, temporary folders can be created for specific occasions, such as a vacation or business meeting. With this feature, HS drivers can plan trips easily and in advance and change their roadway itinerary along the way using a personal computer.

Whether you seek the added safety of prompt emergency response or the supreme convenience of customized and personal destination assistance, your Bloomington Lexus dealership offers the HS 250h, the first dedicated luxury hybrid vehicle, equipped with Lexus Enform with Safety Connect.

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