CatalystMR Accepted as a Member of CASRO


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2009 -- The Board of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) has voted to approve the membership of CatalystMR. CASRO, founded in 1975 and with more than 350 member companies in the U.S. and abroad, is the premier association for research businesses and their executives.

“We look forward to being an active member of the CASRO network,” said Adam Berman, President of CatalystMR “This distinction affirms our dedication to provide research with integrity.” As a member of CASRO, CatalystMR demonstrates its commitment to clients and to the public by adhering to the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, a tough, internationally-cited set of standards that has long been the benchmark for the industry. This Code mandates and enforces the rules of ethical and professional conduct for survey research organizations.

“We are excited to tap into the broad expertise of CASRO and its member companies,” Adam Berman said. “Over several decades, CASRO members have formed valuable research standards and best practices. Adherence to CASRO’s Code of Standards and Ethics facilitates quality within CatalystMR’s research procedures and further enhances the reliability and value of our research projects and the recommendations we provide our clients.”

For more info please contact: or call us at 800-819-3130 x 101

About CatalystMR
CATALYSTMR is an experienced, customer driven, market research outsource solutions provider. We are a high-touch, high-quality service leader who provides comprehensive technology and process services for the market research industry. Our technical team has decades of market research experience in programming and managing survey research projects from end-to-end. We specialize in cost effective web survey programming and hosting, respondent panels, telephone data collection, IVR, mobile interviewing, real-time reporting tabulation, data analytics, data warehousing, and custom dashboard solutions.

What CatalystMR Offers
•Complex web survey programming and hosting including Conjoint, Flash shelf tests, Flash product simulators, complex quotas, and much more
•Panels made up of 22 million pre-profiled respondents: B2B - Consumer - IT - Physicians - Patients - International - Teens - High and Low Incidence - ask us about our 8-pronged approach to quality control
•Customer panel development and management solutions
•Sophisticated real-time reporting
•Simple to complex data tabulation
•Data Analytics
•PowerPoint Slide Creation Services
•Data warehousing, data integration, custom dashboards
•Large and small scale data entry - coding - verbatim typing
•Language translation: All languages - in country - in industry translation specialists
•CATI programming for phone data collection facilities
•Mobile Interviewing: Wireless devices including iPhone, Treo, Blackberry and other popular PDA devices with Internet connectivity.
•IVR - Cost effective inbound and outbound interviewing
•Domestic and International cost effective CATI field work: ISO certified - CfMC trained - cost effective - round-the-clock interviewing 15 languages - 90 countries

Located throughout the United States and in nine countries around the world, CASRO Members are research businesses from all segments and specializations in the industry, represented in CASRO by the chief executives of those firms. In addition, CASRO’s constituents also include specialty services members from academic and non-profit organizations. CASRO provides:

•legal and regulatory guidance and lobbying initiatives through its Government & Public Affairs program and Privacy Protection Program;
•research business support though industry data and financial surveys;
•educational and training through CEO workshops, through a professional development curriculum in CASRO University, and through career development programs; and
•national and international research advocacy and networking through “partnering,” exchange, and communications with other associations and organizations. Learn more at