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Hellotrade.Com Launches Global Seller Activity Profiler

Hellotrade's global seller activity profiler allows sellers to broadcast their updated product/company information at once on the b2b platform.


Noida, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2009 -- June 2, 2009, Noida: Hellotrade.com – The global trade search engine announces the launch of a new seller section which profiles the activity of global suppliers on Hellotrade on real time basis. This feature enables sellers to take their product and company updates to global buyers instantly. The service will also aid global buyers with purchase decisions, through this up-to-the-minute updated information. Apart from this new look, the seller section constitutes many other features like product image display, easy access to supplier catalog and free call facility to the suppliers.

HelloTrade Sellers' Section (http://www.hellotrade.com/business/)

HelloTrade Sellers' section allows business buyers to stay abreast with seller offerings. Some of the key features of this section are

- Continuously records & updates seller activity (rare on conventional b2b platforms)
- Offers a real-time information update facility
- Enables tracking of sellers' activity on a minute-to-minute basis
- Helps track updated information/offerings from sellers worldwide
- Offers an absolutely Free access to thousands of detailed sellers' catalogs
- Allows refining of a search for sellers by countries, cities and industry segments
- Free online call service is also available through the site.

About HelloTrade.com (http://www.hellotrade.com/)
HelloTrade.com is a generation next global trade search engine which intends to make the process of online B2B business easy and free for all the users. Hellotrade intends to offer all marketplace facilities absolutely free to its members. Some of the features freely made available on HelloTrade are:

- Free Tenders
- Free Catalogs
- Free Events Information

And many more to follow. In totality Hellotrade.com offers a win-win solution for global buyers and sellers.