CellAntenna Announces New System to Control Illegal Use of Cell Phones in Prisons Without Jamming

CJAM -CPC Cell Phone Detection and Control Is Today’s Solution To Illegal Cell Phones In Correctional Facilities


Coral Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2009 -- CellAntenna Corporation announces the launch of CJAM- Cell Phone Detection and Control (CJAM-CPC) as part of its suite of products that solves the growing pandemic of illegal cell phone use by inmates in our state and local correction facilities. The CJAM-CPC detects and controls cell phone communication inside prisons and is not jamming. The achievement by CellAntenna’s engineers far surpasses any equipment currently used for the purposes of stopping the cell phone crisis in prisons.

“Our customers in the State Department of Corrections and local jails across the United States have asked us to come up with a solution to illegal cell phones that can be used instead of jamming,” said Howard Melamed, President and CEO of CellAntenna Corporation. “The CJAM CPC does exactly that”.

The CJAM-CPC can detect the quantity of cell phones in a prison, identify their location, and determine which cellular provider the cell phone is connected to. A list of each cell phone’s serial number and which cellular provider they are connected to is created. The list can be sent to each provider asking them to turn the illegal cell phone off.

“With the CJAM-CPC, a carrier would be given the list of the illegal cell phones located in the correctional facility.” said Howard Melamed “Based on this list, the carrier will without a doubt join the fight against crime by disconnecting the service to the inmate and notifying law enforcement. Problem solved!”

The deployment of the CJAM-CPC system, through CellAntenna’s distributed antenna system, insures that only cell phones within a prison are targeted, and that communication in the surrounding community is not interfered in any way, including the ability to ignore public security cell phones within the prison.

“The CTIA has said that they are looking for alternatives to jamming,” Howard Melamed said. “The CJAM-CPC is the answer and is available right now. “

CellAntenna still believes that jamming of illegal cell phones in prisons can be done with complete accuracy and is the only comprehensive solution to the problem. Once jamming is legalized, CellAntenna believes the deployment of its CJAM-NF jamming product together with the CJAM-CPC will eliminate the pandemic of cell phone communication by inmates once and for all.

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