Get The Big Picture - Manage Individual Or Group Rights With Permission Analyzer

Managing user and user group permissions requires an extraordinary effort in time and exceptional skills. Permission Analyzer provides a visual approach to generate a clear overview of permissions.


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2009 -- Managing user and user group permissions requires an extraordinary effort in time and exceptional skills. As departments add new contractors, and users constantly require access to new data stores, permissions change constantly. Most importantly, you may set permissions for an individual, but a new contractor typically inherits the rights of the group. Since a default Windows environment provides no tools for displaying the access rights of users or groups it can be quite hard to manage the network permissions.

Permission Analyzer 1.5.0 solves this problem by providing a powerful graphical tool for system admins. The software offers a wizard-like approach to determine whether the system access permissions are properly set, need to be changed, or have been altered by people who are not authorized to make changes. Since most security breaches and fraud are initiated from within organizations, Permission Analyzer affords a significant level of protection against permissions-based security threats.

Permission Analyzer can generate a clear overview of the access rights of each user or user group. With this information, it is possible to effectively manage the computer network access rights within the entire organization. Scans can be initiated manually, or scheduled to run regularly. It's easy to specify the directories to be scanned, and to limit the number of subdirectories that will be scanned. In addition to reading the reports online, they can be exported to HTML to make them readable with a browser. Other permission analysis tools, such as SystemTools’ DumpSec or Sysinternals’ AccessEnum, typically scan directories after each permission change without saving the information in a database, making the analysis process more cumbersome.

Permission Analyzer provides a more visual approach with pop-up windows, interactive lists with buttons you can click to view permission by individual or group, and easy-to-find search boxes. It's easy to set a permission filter, and only look for list, read, execute, modify, write, or full permissions. Access rights of the related groups, and inherited groups, of a particular user can be included in the overviews.

The program's installed software report tells which applications are installed on each workstation. By using simple filtering, all workstations that have a particular application installed on them, or all applications installed on a particular workstation can be shown.

Permission Analyzer v. 1.5.0 requires a server running Windows 2000/XP/2003, clients running Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista. A single-user license costs $299(US), and may be purchased securely online at One single-user license can be used to scan all servers, all users/groups and all workstations. A limited trial version can be downloaded from the same Internet address.

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