Laboratory Testing Inc.

New Spectrometers Enhance Elemental Analysis Capacities at Laboratory Testing Inc.

Two new ICP Spectrometers were purchased by the Chemiical Analysis Lab at Laboratory Testing Inc. to increase chemical testing capacity, improve trace elemental analysis and provide analysis of samples into the parts per million range.


Hatfield, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2009 -- Trace elemental analysis capabilities have been enhanced at Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) with the addition of a high resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer. The Mass Spectrometer allows for routine chemical testing for trace elements in super alloys and provides ultra-trace elemental analysis for high purity alloys like those used in the Semi-Conductor Industry. The new instrument increases the capacity for chemical elemental analysis of samples into the parts per trillion range.

LTI’s Chemical Analysis Lab also recently purchased a new Spectro Arcos ICP Spectrometer for additional capacity. This new ICP Spectrometer provides greater throughput for ICP samples, and can analyze most elements in the periodic table. This spectrometer also has a larger optic than the lab's other equipment, allowing for greater resolution of background from wavelengths and providing a greater number of analytical wavelengths for more sensitive analysis.

The Lab’s ICP Spectrometers all use CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology, which allows the instrument to measure the whole spectrum necessary for the analysis of all the common metal bases. According to LTI's Chemistry Supervisor, Lee Dilks, "this gives us the ability to quantify any element that produces light over the range of the detectors and to pick wavelengths for analysis that are free of background interferences".

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