The Very First Green Cleaning Solution For Die-Cuts and Rubber Stamps

A brand new company, Inspired Crafts releases the first ever eco-friendly cleaning solutions for scrapbooking die-cuts and rubber stamps and it's gaining popularity really fast among the crafters.


Sandy, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2009 -- Inspired Crafts is a green company (and the only company) that dedicates to manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning and protection products for all die-cuts, die-cutting machines, rubber stamps, and all scrapbooking tools. Although they have only been around for a couple of years, Inspired Crafts is on the cutting edge or should I say die-cutting edge to preserving crafting tools and making them always work efficiently to get the sharpest and most precise cuts. Inspired Crafts currently has four products out on the market today, which are the following: Cutter Glide, Paper Glide, E-Z Tool cleaner, and Mist It spray. All products are a must have for any scrapbooker that wants to preserve their scrapbooking diecuts! The die-cutting store online for scrapbookers says that it is a best seller and constantly gets papercrafters saying it really works. Here below is a brief description of what each product does:

Cutter Glide was designed to work in your die-cutting machines to reduce friction and keep the die-cutting tool clean and sharp so the die-cutter is always getting a clean sharp cut everytime you run a die-cut through your machine.

Paper Glide does exactly what it says in its name. Paper Glide is an acid-free, dry embossing paper mist. It works great when you are die-cutting and embossing with any die-cutting machines. Paper Glide is especially great for crafters with wrist weakness and hand pain. Less pressure is required to create excellent dry embossed images when using your die-cutting machine. It can be sprayed on paper, metal, plastic, and any other embossing surfaces.

EZ-Tool Cleaner is a gentle,yet powerful solvent free, environmentally safe cleaner. This is an all purpose cleaner for stampers, scrapbookers, seamstresses, quilters polymer clay artists. It excellent for cleaning scissors, acrylic stamps, rubber stamps, die-cuts, and die-cutting machines.

Mist-It is the perfect solution for the traveling crafter. This is a little larger than the size of a pen, but can be re-filled and used over and over again. Besides being a die-cutters dream to fill it with any of your crafting formulas like paper glide or EZ-tool cleaner, it is the woman's dream and fits right in your purse taking no room at all. Mist-It spray bottle pen can be used to for anything.

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