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A Conversation With Somerset Mortgage Lenders' Gregg Marcus


Melville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2009 -- Gregg Marcus' professional accomplishments are numerous, with holding the title of Executive Director at Somerset Mortgage Lenders, one of the top direct lending mortgage banks in America, being at the forefront of his success for the better part of this decade. However, if you scratch beneath the surface, you will find that so, too, are his many charitable activities. Gregg is not only a proven executive, but at his core he is a philanthropist and a humanitarian who cares about his community and about causes that are important to everyone. Mr. Marcus has earned accolades for his savvy as an entrepreneur, and now he’s earning the same kind of honors for his donations to charitable causes. He has dedicated a significant part of his time, talents and financial resources throughout his career to organizations in New York and beyond.

"Success in business is one thing; helping to change the conditions of others is quite another" he said; and after listening to him speak, I can say that Gregg Marcus is very successful at both. He knows that one is not complete without the other.

There are many organizations and non-profit groups where Gregg could donate his time and resources, but he prefers to work with organizations that he believes in. It’s what led him to become a founding member of the Jericho Jayhawks Boosters Association, and it’s why he donates his time to organizations such as: the Young Presidents Organization, the Hineni Heritage Center, the Long Island Children’s Museum and the Sunrise Day Camp for Children. Health is also an important issue to Mr. Marcus, and that is why he’s an active member of the National Kidney Foundation, as well. Additionally, in 2002, Gregg received the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Humanitarian Award for his charitable efforts to organizations in the New York area and beyond.

"Business accomplishments are great, but what are you doing to help the community?" Gregg Marcus asked in our conversation. It was a refreshing insight to hear from someone in the notoriously rigid financial sector. This is a man who tirelessly supports organizations he believes in; and as mentioned before, it's not just with a check every now and then, but with a time commitment.

Fun Fact? We all have opinions about news items, but very few people have enough knowledge to be quoted by the New York Post. In December of 2007, the Post quoted Gregg Marcus as he gave kudos to the Senate for passing an FHA modernization measure.

"We can complain about challenges in our society, or we can just go and try to do something about them" Mr. Marcus said; and after spending enough time with him, it's obvious that this is a man who believes in more than just talking - he believes in action.

Conclusion? Gregg Marcus knows how important personal commitment is. He believes that successful people should give back by supporting organizations with their time, leadership and financial resources.

Gregg is one of those people who actually knows what affects the average person, and is not simply concerned with what affects corporations. He operates as though we were all in this together, because we are.

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