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The Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike - Is the Military Going Green?


Cambridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2009 -- Montague Corporation, a Cambridge Massachusetts based bicycle maker, recently launched their all-new Paratrooper folding bike to an eager audience at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration near the U.S. Marines Base in Quantico, Virginia. Surrounded by gas guzzling tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers, the Paratrooper stole the show. Used in virtually every branch of the U.S. military, the Paratrooper is expanding in popularity on an international scale.

Out in the field, the Paratrooper bicycle is designed to bridge a transportation gap between walking infantry and heavy mechanized vehicles. As a self-powered, versatile method of ground transportation, the Paratrooper requires no logistical support to use and can be easily stored away in the back of a helicopter or Humvee. The patented folding design was developed in conjunction with the Military, and was designed to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and helicopters into combat.

Practical application of the Paratrooper does not stop with the military. Known for its durability and load bearing capabilities, this bike has developed a strong following amongst everyday commuters and weekend warriors. “We had so many people asking us if they could buy the original military bike, that we decided to launch the Paratrooper for civilian use", says inventor David Montague. The versatility of the bike lends itself to those who want a sturdy and comfortable ride that can easily be stored in car trunks, closets, offices, and other places where non-folding bikes don’t usually fit.

The Paratrooper quickly folds down to 36” x 28” x 12” without the use of tools. The entire package weighs about 30 lbs making it easy to transport while folded. The bike comes standard with 26” wheels and eyelets for racks and fenders, and is also serviceable at any local bike shop. The Paratrooper has an MSRP of $799.00 and is available through

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