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Neugent Rolls Out New NP-5000 Network Video Server


Manila, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2009 -- Neugent Technologies recently delivered to market the all new NP-5000, a compact and high performance yet affordable four-channel video server platform. Having the capacity to support up to 4 simultaneous real-time video and audio streams, NP-5000 is designed for easy integration of existing analog video cameras to any open IP based network. Boasting a unique Bandwidth-Saver Feature via Live Mux streaming, NP-5000 can display all channels using constant bandwidth.

The video server also includes advanced network capabilities such as DDNS support and Full D1 streaming. NP-5000 provides powerful event management functions, including built-in motion detection, alarm notification and PTZ and I/O control. Its integrated two-way audio support enables faster communication and response. Neugent’s NP-5000 is best for demanding outdoor applications including roadside cabinets for traffic monitoring, remote monitoring for safety in industrial locations, construction site, and management of warehouse, factories, retail, etc.

Access Full D1 Live Video and Audio Streaming
Neugent NP-5000 provides outstanding performance with its live video and audio streams available at full frame rate, real-time full D1 resolution (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576) making the image clearer.

TV Live Display for Easy Onsite Setup
With NP-5000 TV out function and IR control, you can easily do onsite installation setup, configure video quality and perform local monitoring even without network.

Save Bandwidth via Live View Streaming Feature
NP-5000 can deliver simultaneous multiple digital video streams at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 in NTSC, 720x576 in PAL). This allows users to have different viewing and recording settings that are optimized for image quality and efficient bandwidth/storage use. Users can use high quality MPEG4 for live viewing, low resolution MJPEG for web applications and MPEG4 Live Mux Streaming for saving bandwidth consumption. The MPEG4 Live Mux streams all cameras (from single to four channels) using constant bandwidth significantly smaller in size than the JPEG and MPEG streaming.

Enjoy Multi-device Streaming via Triple Encoding Technology
Simultaneous encoding of D1, CIF, and QCIF resolution is supported by NP-5000. Users gain remote monitoring capabilities to separate devices using their PC or via a 3GPP device such as a PDA or cell phone at another resolution at the same time.

About Neugent Technologies, Inc.
Neugent is a manufacturer of digital security solutions. With cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing facilities in the Philippines and Korea, Neugent began its mark in the security industry with the development of the Linux-based PC and embedded DVR systems. To date, Neugent have expanded its surveillance product line to include integrated application solutions and network surveillance systems, such as network video servers, network video recorders and hybrid DVRs.

Today, our products are being sold in over 50 countries worldwide through our strong distribution partners in China, USA, Taiwan, UK, New Zealand, Italy, and some parts of the Middle East and South America. 
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Neugent has released new full-featured yet economical 4 channel video server platform with hardware MPEG4 compression, network connectivity and powerful event management. Measuring only 44mm in height, Neugent NP-5000 is designed for easy migration to an IP-based digital system from existing analog closed systems.