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New Website Helps Businesses Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Website Re-design

Brand new website offers a road map for businesses that want to avoid common mistakes when re-designing their website


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2009 -- Calling it the 'latest resource for Online Marketing Development' Dizzy Heights has unveiled a new website at www.websiteredevelopment.com where visitors can retrieve valuable advice on how to redevelop existing websites without falling foul of common pitfalls.

According to Dizzy Heights Marketing Executive Meri Garcia: “Many site owners decide to redesign their sites without even considering the implications it will have on their current site visitors and on their business. The underlying problem” adds Garcia “is that most sites will only apply a rudimentary face lift expecting that this alone will attract countless visitors. This isn't always clear cut. You must optimise and localise your site if you want to succeed. You need to market it properly. What is the point of a re-design, if not?”

Be careful with the changes

The incorrect planning and implementation of a new website can take your whole online business a step backwards if you are not careful. You can lose valuable search engine authority and ranking for your key pages or even your whole site traffic if you do not exercise an equal measure of caution and common sense when moving to your new site.

As Director of Dizzy Heights, the website company behind websiteredevelopment.com, Laurence O'Toole points out;

"We have seen sites lose all their search engine traffic after a site wide re-design or major upgrade. The millions of business owners who decide each year to upgrade or replace their existing websites are at risk of losing hard fought search engine rankings, visitors and sales by failing to ensure that their website design agency understands the fundamental factors that you must get right when transitioning from one site to another - even if you do not change domain".
Websiteredevelopment.com features a blog containing the latest advice and best practice on how to redevelop an existing website in a way that is not detrimental to your online business. It contains useful and practical suggestions and advice on key matters like "The 7 Deadly Sins of Website Redesigns" and best practice advice for redesigning your website.

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Dizzy Heights® (UK) limited is a leading digital publisher and marketing company that specialises in website re-design and redevelopment, search engine optimisation for redesigned websites, internet video production and distribution and digital publishing of DVDs and videos.

http://www.websiteredevelopment.com is a new website that contains advice on how to redevelop your existing website without falling foul of common pitfalls and problems that many site owners experience.

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