Strategic Vision, LLC

Strategic Vision Launches Public Relations for Entrepreneurs & Start Up Program

Program Provides Publicity Strategy That Small Businesses Need To Reach Their Target Audiences


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2009 -- Strategic Vision, LLC announces that it is launching the Public Relations for Entrepreneurs and Start-up Program (PRES) that will aid entrepreneurs in reaching their target audiences through a comprehensive publicity campaign that utilizes traditional media and social media. In today’s current economic climate, more professionals are opting to start their own companies and pursue their dreams. While these professionals bring vision and expertise to their new companies, they often neglect to properly publicize their company to their target market. PRES is available for companies that have been in the marketplace for a year and less, have a comprehensive business plan, and been demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit. The program will offer a comprehensive public relations campaign that will incorporate branding, collateral materials, product reviews, media relations, speaker programs, blogger and social networking relations, and event support.

“We realize that in working with entrepreneurs, it is their dream for their company that is the client,” said David E. Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision, LLC. “The only way that their dream can become the viable business they desire is by a comprehensive public relations campaign. PRES is designed specifically for these pioneers in today’s turbulent economy. Our aim is to help these start-ups grow their business and grow their success.”

PRES will work with start-up companies during all aspects of their business development. The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive and cost-efficient public relations that will allow a new company to enter the marketplace and flourish. The program was designed to assist entrepreneurs with the number one obstacle they face – how to grow their business. Utilizing PRES will allow new companies to reach their target markets regardless of their locale. Each company that Strategic Vision, LLC works with will be analyzed to see what media and services can best fit their needs and then a specific program is tailored to meet their needs. Strategic Vision works with the clients as well on how to maximize the publicity they achieve in their marketing and sales efforts.

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