Escaped to Peru

Lan Peru No Longer Allow Non-Residents to Obtain Lowest Airfares Within Peru


Cusco, Peru -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2009 -- LAN Peru announced on the 1st September that, as of that date, their lowest base rate for flight tickets booked in Peru can no longer be bought for use by non-residents. Any non-resident who tries to board a plane with a base rate ticket will now be charged an additional US$ 178.50 by the airline. Any agency who issues a base rate flight ticket for a non-resident will also be fined, as non-residents will now only be allowed access to higher fares on routes within Peru.

The complete lack of notice has caused serious problems for agencies who had already supplied quotations for clients based on the previously accessible fares. The additional costs involved causes particular concern for agencies who have published literature with fixed prices.

Managing Director of Escaped to Peru, Gary Sargent commented “This has certainly been problematic for us. We always try to offer excellent value for money and this price hike without any notice period has meant that we have had to both pass on extra costs to our clients and absorb price increases where possible. We always obtain the best value fares for our clients but the difference is significant”.

Both airfares and taxes are subject to change without notice until flight tickets are issued. However the difference in cost from the base rate to the next level of fares is often double or even higher. Lan Peru is the largest airline in Peru with the greatest number of routes which has left agencies with little choice but to accept the new higher fares.

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