Stan Yakatan, CEO of Katan Associates, to Do Keynote at the Antibody Partnering & Technology Summit

Yakatan CEO-Katan Associates, Keynote at Antibody Partnering & Technology Summit


Monrovia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2009 -- Stan Yakatan, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Katan Associates, is to give a keynote presentation on the recent approval of a follow-on version of Pfizer’s Genotropin (recombinant human growth hormone), and the beginning of the end of an era where biopharmaceuticals enjoyed immunity from competition even after expiration of their patent protection at GTCbio’s Antibody Partnering & Technology Summit on October 29-30, 2009 in San Francisco, CA.

Yakatan’s session will describe many of the key scientific challenges facing the nascent “biogenerics” industry and the evolving regulatory framework that will shape its competition with innovator companies. Summit attendees with hear Yakatan describe key differences between the biogeneric and traditional generic drug business models versus the M&A activity that has was started in pursuit of the expertise and resources needed to be competitive in this commercial space. Yakatan’s address will also explore the commercial opportunities presented by recent and upcoming European patent expirations, as well as the challenges presented by competition from second generation innovator products.

After 30 years as a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and operational manager, Stan Yakatan has dedicated the last 12 years of his career to sharing his experiences with management teams interested in building technology based companies. His experience as a "C" level executive is far reaching he has served in such a capacity with: New England Nuclear, EI Dupont, ICN Pharma, New Brunswick Scientific and Biosearch. These experiences have provided him with management skills and a corporate finance acumen that he enjoys sharing with others.

Stan has founded or co-founded in excess of 15 companies in the United States, Canada, Israel, France and Germany. In many cases he has also served as the initial CEO, and Chairman of these companies. In his career, he has advised several of the world's leading venture capital firms including TVM (Germany), Ventana (USA), MSP (USA), and Biocapital (Canada). During the decade of the 1990's Biocapital was the most successful venture capital fund in Canada.