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Business Decisions! By Best Selling Author Michael E. McGrath Launched for Worldwide Release

Book Is The Must Read Book For Businesses, Business Decisions! Is The First Book In The Decide Better! Business Decision Series


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2009 -- Business Decisions! (ISBN 978-1-935112-15-0, Motivation Publishing, 2009) by best selling author, Michael E. McGrath has been launched for worldwide release. Business Decision! is considered the must read business book for any CEO or corporate leader entrusted with making major decisions. In the book, McGrath brings his years of renown decision making expertise from the corporate world to the forefront to provide the winning processes for companies and corporate leaders to navigate in today’s new economy. This release is the first book in the Decide Better! Business Decision series. McGrath is internationally known for his command of the decision making processes and development of winning strategies for decision making that has earned him fame as a ‘decision guru’.

“Businesses succeed or fail by the decisions they make,” said Michael E. McGrath, author of Business Decisions!. “This lesson has clearly been demonstrated over the past year as we have seen the economic crisis caused by poor decisions. Business Decisions! is written in a way to look at how bad decisions created this economic morass and how through better decision making processes corporate leaders can make the critical choices to succeed and grow their economy.”

“The worldwide economic collapse has forced businesses to think anew, their entire process and decision making strategy,” continued McGrath. “Business Decisions! is written in a way to provide them the tools that are imperative to not only survive but flourish. But most importantly, Business Decisions! is written in way that the lessons described will stand the test of time and apply to businesses even when the economy has recovered.”

In Business Decisions! Michael McGrath provides insight into making the right business decisions—something that has never been more critical than right now. But he goes beyond that to provide advice and techniques for making strong and calibrated decisions that will stand the test of time. The book is written for CEOs, key management executives, or anyone in the business world who wants to learn the winning formulas to make critical decisions while reducing risk. Business Decisions! has been described as a comprehensive guide to the key skills and practices necessary for developing a winning formula for making essential and successful business decisions.

Among some of the key decisions that are addressed are in Business Decisions!:

· Managing your decisions risk
· Understanding the long term implications of your short-term decisions
· Making sure you don’t miss critical decision opportunities
· Knowing when you should make bold moves while not taking on unnecessary risk
· Avoiding indecision in yourself and others

Business Decisions! is available at Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and other leading book stores as well as online at The book will be featured prominently at the Frankfurt Book Fair and plans are being finalized for foreign distribution.

About Michael E. McGrath and Decide Better!
In 1986 when Michael McGrath initiated the PACE® (Product and Cycle-time Excellence) decision process for product development, it enabled thousands of companies to reduce time-to-market. In Business Decisions! he now changes the way and the process of how companies make decisions. Author and decision-making expert Michael McGrath has devoted his career to making winning business decisions. He has advised some of the largest companies in the world and created innovative new decision techniques used by hundreds of successful businesses. He has made countless decisions as a CEO building a world-leading consulting firm and leading a public company turnaround. He is the author of the best-selling book Product Strategy for High-Technology Companies and founder of Decide Better. He currently is the executive chairman of Thomas Group, and serves on a number of private and nonprofit boards.

Decide Better was founded in 2007 to help businesses and individuals achieve success through making better decisions. The company has two series of books. The Decide Better Self-Help series is targeted at individuals, with Decide Better! for a Better Life and Decide Better! for College published in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Business Decisions! is the first book in the Decide Better Business Series, with additional books and workbooks to follow. In addition to publications, Decide Better also provides decision workshops for executives, teams, and boards, as well as presentations to large groups. For more information, go to or call 972-267-5203.