Oscar Casares

The Diva Madonna to Appear at the Florence Biennale 2009

Oscar Casares presents his portrait of the Diva Madonna at the Florence Biennale 2009


Braga, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2009 -- Madonna as never seen before. Elegantly reclining on a white tiger as the other two rest next to her, subdued by her presence. Madonna dominates Oscar Casares’ portrait “Virtues of the Soul as Eclipsed by the Diva Madonna” which will be exhibited at this year’s Biennale Internazionale D’Arte Contemporanea Di Firenze (Florence, Italy) December 5-13.

Casares has dedicated heart and soul to this painting, a tribute to the pop stars’ 25 years in the entertainment business. From the moment he was invited by the Florence Biennale to participate in the exhibition, Casares worked exclusively on the 260 x 180 cm portrait – some 2,7000 hours of labour. This meant that he forwent various commissioned works in order to give his best to the composition of the painting thus exemplifying the ideal artist who’d rather be broke and true to his art than well off and mediocre.

Fellow artist Erna Kaluza praises, “Virtues of the Soul… is another great painting by the very talented Portuguese artist Oscar Casares. The beautiful likeness of Madonna with the three magnificent white tigers by her side is centered on a nebulous background that seems to hold the mysteries of the universe hidden within. Madonna’s red gown elegantly drapes her slender body, the true sheerness of the material evident only at her legs. It is a vision of beauty, elegance and mystery.”

The painting does hold some mysteries: Kabbalistic symbols that honor Madonna’s faith. The red dress and the Kabbalistic tree on one of the tigers are just two. There are more for the viewer to discover.

Casares expects to sell the painting and pledges 25% of the profit to a non-governmental organization that works with impoverished children. At the moment he is looking at different organizations in order to pick the one that best fits his criteria. This being said, Casares hopes that the profit margin will be large enough to make a difference to the NGO he selects.

31-year-old Casares has been painting professionally since he was 13. His paintings are in exhibition all over the world and include portraits of Pope John Paul II and Nicole Kidman. Kidman’s portrait is in her possession. Casares is also a talented costume and fashion designer and has designed for theatre, stage and film.

At the Florence Biennale Casares will be representing not only Portugal but also Icon.Madonna, the internet site for hard core Madonna fans.