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The ADGECO Group Launches New Website


Abu Dhabi, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2010 -- As the Leader in providing expert advice and forming alliances with regional and multinational corporations, The ADGECO Group launched its new refined Website.

With the new ADGECO Website, interactivity is highly achieved leaving the users and its visitors the ease of navigating to the entire Website. It now achieves resolution and cross-browser independency due to re-scalable vector graphics. Since modern browsing audiences no longer expects only to be informed: they are now have been given the luxury of being entertained by the design and animation of the Website.

Mr. Roniel Pedraza Director, Digital Information Technologies quoted “We are always trying to be at the latest when it comes to Digital Information Technology. Trying new technology is really a big challenge for everyone, but once something is accomplished the rest is history.”

Using Flash’s vector rendering processes, the new Website has been given the ability to adjust the entire display size based on the browser size, in doing so; it keeps the images and text clean and un-pixilated. This will become more of an advantage as users begin to be more mobile and frequently surf the Web from sources other than desktop computers, such as PDA’s, mobile phones, car displays and other gadgets having the functionality of Web browsing. As part of the process, this new Website gives you the ability to display data quickly without having to reload or refresh the entire page.

Users can also check on the functionality where it shows how easily they can navigate on the new Website ( The “News & Events” section contains the latest projects of the company represented by The Group, and meetings with The CEO Mr. Mohamed Dekkak with new and existing companies. The “Archive” section shows all the projects and meetings of The Group. These indicate how successful the represented companies in getting huge projects and defines the kind of work The Group can give.

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The ADGECO Group ( – is a holding company based in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) which started in 1991. ADGECO is a leader in providing expert advice and forming alliances with regional and multinational corporations in a wide array of business activities.