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Gurgoan, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2010 -- In our last article: SEO Basics for Google SEO: Beginner's Guide, we have provided a brief introduction to search engines and how they work. And we have decided to continue to give more SEO tips to rank websites on search engines.

In this guide we are giving you information on what factors influence search rankings. As Google suggested there are more than 200 factors to rank a particular page on search index. It decides its relevancy and importance as discussed in last guide.

So what are these factors? None, actually no one knows it because it is not revealed by any search engine. It is the experience of many SEO professionals around the world who come to know what practices brings their website on top position. We are big fan of SEOmoz as they provide excellent knowledge for search engine optimization. There are many things you notice but never try to understand how important it is? We never come to know unless we get a detailed analysis on each topic what SEOmoz is doing.

Okay, what is in your website that visitors come to you? List down the top 5 reasons and list down top 5 reasons you dislike about your website. A coin has two sides Heads and Tale. Similarly, a website also has two folds i.e. good side bad side. Obviously, you can give n number of good things and features about your website. Tell us something bad about your website. You won’t find many. The reason is most of us don’t look at the dark side and this is one of the point that we have to work on. So our first factor is User Experience.

You must understand what user feels about your website is he/she finds what they wanted? If yes, then you are on right track. If not, you need to understand this. How you track this? Think like a user and just forget your business and search whatever you want to know, buy. Search for a keyword/query which YOU think is best of your knowledge to get desired result. Keep refining your search queries until it satisfies you. Now think when you performed the search what results are shown to you. I think you probably check many websites but are not satisfied with the page. What things that catches your attention while searching on search engines.

Now you have solution. You noticed what is the difference between good, better and BEST. Try to implement same kind of practice to your website. What keywords are BEST for your website that gives users full satisfaction. And this is another factor i.e. Selection of Right Keywords.

Now you find through analysis that you have right keywords but still users not interested on your pages and they just go back from your website pages without digging into other pages of the website. What is lacking? It is quality and fresh content. Your website content is not tempting, then it won’t engage your visitors and not highlighting what important on your page of the website. This is another factor to have fresh and quality content as users must be know all such things already mentioned on your web page and they have seen it many times at different websites.

Another phase, you have keywords, good quality content but still you are not ranking on search engines. Why? Here comes search engine. And Search engines are considering many technical factors to judge your page and assign it some weightage. How would the search engine know that my website has everything that a user willing to search or buy. But still not finds you. Because, search engines does not know that your page is RELEVANT and IMPORTANT. To evaluate whether your page is relevant, search engines start crawling your website links on external sources and find that you are linked with many unparalleled websites which has no relevancy with your website and many websites which having bad neighbor hoods links on same page including your website link.

Any link from external website to yours is a vote for your website, and search engines checks everything like quality and relevancy of linking page. What other Links present on external websites, what websites are linked to yours and pages you getting back links from. Number of outbound links, IP address, Geographical diversity, domain TLDs, types of linking sites, how many authority websites are linking to you like News site BBC, CNN etc. Hence, we found another factor i.e. Back Links which represents your website relevancy and finally PageRank which shows how important is your web page. Search Engines process all the information through its algorithm and then served results. Still looking for clues? There is no secret of ranking on top positions. It is just practice that makes you perfect and it keeps teach you what things are good and what is bad for your website.

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