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Michigan Couple Pens Book That Inspires Readers to Never Give up and Keep the Faith

Despite Doctor’s Prognosis, Angel and Dwayne Merritt Hoped for a Miracle


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2010 -- You Can’t Have Hope Without Faith (ISBN 13: 978-0-578-04562-7, Resurrected Hearts Ministries, 2009) by Dwayne and Angel Merritt is a book of love, faith, and inspiration written to leave readers empowered with a greater understanding of the power of God and the miracles He does. The book is the true story of the miraculous birth of the Merritt’s twin daughters, Hope and Faith that allowed the Merritts to bear witness to the power and majesty of God and the miracle He provided them. Twenty-seven weeks into her pregnancy, Angel Merritt and her husband Dwayne were told by doctors that the two babies Angel was carrying would not live. Yet in this supreme test of faith, the Merritts remained steadfast in their devotion to God and defying the odds, Angel gave birth to the most precious and beautiful miracle of all – her two twin daughters. You Can’t Have Hope Without Faith teaches that while it may always be easier to say yes to God during good times, the true test of faith is to say yes to Him during times of trial and tribulation.

“God is constantly working in us and testing our faith so we can understand His everlasting love and glory,” said Dwayne Merritt, co-author of You Can’t Have Hope Without Faith. “Hope and Faith are God’s gift to us and His way of working through us. He tested our faith so that we could better understand Him and through his miraculous gift of Hope and Faith allows us to share our testimony with others.

You Can’t Have Hope Without Faith is a powerfully written and deeply emotional book that will inspire all who read it and leave them with a greater faith and understanding in God. The book poses the question, ‘would you be willing to stand before a God that allowed you to be knocked down, just to pull you up higher?’ After reading the Merritt’s story, the answer will be a resounding yes. The book will transform the life of all who read it.

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