Eric Lee

The Way to Carry the Mobile Phone with the Least Radiation Harm

We all know that the mobile phone can generate the electromagnetic radiation which does harm to people. And in this passage we are going to talk about the way to decrease the effects caused by mobile phone.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2010 -- It' well known to us that the mobile phones electromagnetic radiation is harmful to people. However, we can't live a better life without a mobile phone. So how to carry the mobile phone can do less harm to our health?

With the gradual development of the wireless telecommunication technology, the mobile phone has been widely used. At the same time, the related healthy problem caused by the mobile phone also arises the greater concern in public. It’s become the issue we care most that what harm the mobile phone radiation does to us and how to decrease the harm to a lowest extent.

When the mobile phone is in the operation, it will transfer the radio waves to the base station. And the radio waves will be absorbed by people more or less. These radio waves are the mobile phone radiation. Generally speaking, less radiation produces when your mobile phone is not in use, and more radiation when you are on the phone, and the most radiation when you dial but the call doesn't get through which can be triple of the mobile phone absent in use. The radiation is likely to change the body tissues and does great harm to body.

Suggestions for placing your mobile phone.

Don't put your mobile beside your pillow. The head suffers most from the mobile phone radiation. It may arise the functional disease of the central nervous system. People may suffer from the headache, dizziness, dreaminess, hair loss and sensitive skin.

Therefore, it's better to get through the calls far from your body first, and then put back to your ears for speaking. Moreover, try not to chat with your mobile phone and don't put your mobile phone near your pillow.

Don't carry your mobile phone on your neck. Many girls like to carry mobile phone in front, but the study shows that it will have bad influence on the heart and the endocrine system. Though under the condition that the mobile phone is not in use, the radiation still can do harm to your body. The individuals with cardiac insufficiency and arrhythmia should pay more attention to no carrying mobile phone in front.

Some experts think that the electromagnetic radiation can also affect the female's endocrine system and lead the menstrual disorder. Additionally, the electromagnetic radiation can affect the normal cell metabolism and put the metal ions such as K, Na and Ca into disorder.

Most mobile phones are equipped with the shielding-barrier equipment which can reduce the radiation harm to your body. But ladies prefer the mobile phone in smaller size which may feature imperfect protection function. It's better for ladies not to put the mobile phone in front.

Effects on fertility carrying the mobile phone on your waist. Some medical specialists point out if the mobile phone is carried on the waist, the electromagnetic radiation produced when the mobile phone receiving and emitting the signals will affect the spermatozoa and ovum in users' body.

Experts suggest the mobile phone users should try not to get the mobile phone close to your waist and abdomen. When you are in office, at home and on bus, you'd better put your mobile phone aside. You can put your mobile phone in the handbag when you go out. And it's effective to reduce the mobile phone radiation by answering the calls with your earphone.