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Affordable Online Store With 24SevenCart

The completely customizable 24SevenCart online store solution is an affordable way towards successful online retailing.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2010 -- If you have a well-established business giving you a profit-figure that goes beyond tens of thousands of dollars a month, you may not have a problem spending a few thousand dollars here and there to boost up your online sales. It has been and will be true for all businesses – “the amount you can afford to spend is directly proportional to how much you earn”.

However, this is not an ideal scenario for the rest of us; particularly, when you plan to expand the reach of your brick-n-mortar store through online means. In other words, when it comes to setting up an online store to reach a bigger customer-base, you usually do not have thousands of dollars to spend. Your overall affordability should get you a shopping cart that would not only serve your business purposes, but help you to establish your online business in the long run also.

24SevenCart is an online shopping cart solution developed exclusively keeping retailers’ affordability barriers in mind. When we say 24SevenCart is easily affordable, we mean that you can avail a Microsoft .NET based robust and 100% customizable shopping cart at a mere $790! Moreover, when it comes to integrating the shopping cart with your Microsoft Dynamics RMS system, you spend a paltry sum of $700.00 for a completely secure and proven web integrator known as ‘RMSlink’. This is not all – your monthly maintenance fees (with a gamut of facilities and add-ons) start from $50 only!

Needless to say - no other vendor in today’s RMS integrated shopping cart market can match our pricing structure while offering the set of services and features we are giving through 24SevenCart. The reason is quite simple; the pricing structure is devoid of any additional ‘toppings’ of extra profit which is a common practice amongst a lot of shopping cart vendors. “The key to successful ecommerce service business is in the steady growth of online retailers” – the team at 24SevenCart firmly believes this. How can a retailer grow if his shopping cart provider often arm-twists him to pay more in the name of additional features and monthly maintenance?

24SevenCart offers features that suits a particular business need; with profound flexibility for setting up the online store, a retailer can give any look he/she wants to the storefront. This result in uniqueness in the overall look, better shopping experience for shoppers and above all – greater visibility in the online-retailing fraternity.