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HPV Web/Server 2007 SP3


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2010 -- Continuing to lead the way for web-based, server-side Project Viewer solutions.Viewer Central, Inc., the global leader in solutions for viewing Microsoft Project files, announces the release of major enhancements to its HPV Web/Server Viewer for Microsoft Project Files.

Windows 7 Compliant
HPVWeb 2007 SP3 runs on Win Servers: Windows 7, Windows 2008, Vista, Windows XP, 2003, 2000 with .Net 2.0 or higher and IIS 5 or higher.

3D Bars
Bars and shapes in Gantt view are now displayed in 3D format for enhanced presentation.

Graphical Indicators
HPVWeb 2007 SP3 displays graphical indicators used in Microsoft Project to quickly display whether data in a custom field meets specific criteria. Optionally, the graphical indicators may be displayed in a custom field rather than the actual data.

Network Access
SP3 offers enhanced network access, able to open project files via links comprised of network paths. An option for disabling file caching is included.

Protected Share
Opening project files located in password protected locations is supported with protected share.

Header Footer
Headers and footers with specific project information may be applied via text boxes.

Status Indicators
Status Indicator fields are supported facilitating icon display indicating the current task status.

Projects Links
Project link options are now available.

Top Tier
Timescale tiers, as defined and saved in project files, may be displayed.

SP3 preserves all modifications to toolbar layout.

Bar Progress
It is now possible display the Bar Progress in Gantt View.

Combination View
Both combination view and split views are supported.

Forms Views
HPVWeb 2007 SP3 offers a new group of Forms Views.

Task Form - Task Form view affords a more detailed view of information regarding the tasks contained in the project plan. The task information is presented in form format allowing tasks to be viewed individually. The Task Format view offers a more comprehensive view of task information than that offered by sheet views (ie Gantt Chart view).

Resource Form - The Resource Form view reveals more detailed information about resources assigned in the project plan. Resource information is presented in a form format allowing resources to be viewed individually. “Next” and “Previous” buttons facilitate easy view of all resources. The Resource Form offers a more comprehensive view of resource information that that offered by Resource View category (ie Resource Sheet view).

All reports are available and show various Project situations.

All reports are available facilitating display of various Project situations.

XML Format
HPVWeb 2007 SP3 is able to open MS Project XML files.