Dee Cohen

Scholarships for Single Mothers Are Available for Those Going Into Health Care or Social Work


Boca Raton, Fl -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2010 -- Many people are not aware that there are avenues to get college grants and scholarships for health care and social work fields for single moms as well as minority groups, incoming freshman and other demographics.

Scholarships specifically for single mothers who wish to return to school are available if you know were to look for those interested in pursuing a career in the fields of health care and social work, which offers many diverse options for employment.

Such scholarships are available for qualifying single mothers who come from many different walks of life. For example, there are city, county, state and national scholarship funds that are set up to aide single mothers who live in specific places. For instance, Arkansas has a special scholarship designated specifically for single parents who are residents of that state, and both Raise the Nation and the Woman’s Award by Soroptimist is open to women across the country. At scholarship issues as well as social work programs, job options for therapists and day to day client counseling are discussed in detail.

According to social worker, Dee Cohen, who runs the website, "Many single moms returning to college are unaware of the scholarship money that the Obama administration has for single mothers and those for health care programs. I also find that there is a fear of returning to college and lack of confidence that older students have which is due to apprehensions that can be overcome."

In addition to scholarship programs that target single mothers specifically, there are also many other programs that are open to other people interested in returning to school who intend to enter specific fields. This is true of social work, which covers diverse types of work like advocates for children, the elderly, the disabled and the medically infirm. For instance, the Health Resources and Services Administration has a program called Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students that targets those who are interested in a career in social work.

Cohen says, "Many people get stuck in a routine and lose their dreams. This is a good time to return to school, because there are ways to fund education and become eligible for jobs in human services that can be very rewarding." Women tend to be very empathic by nature and health care fields are a good fit. Also social work has many opportunities to work with various populations and this helps to prevent burn out.

Additionally, single mothers may qualify for federal and private grants as well as other types of financial aid depending on their specific situations. For more information about social work programs and scholarship opportunities for single mothers, visit .

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