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Top 4 Translation Solutions for Cross-country Road Warriors

Top 4 Translation Solutions for Travelers


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2010 -- Cross-country travel is not uncommon today. High technology shortens the distance among countries. However, language problem becomes a nuisance to enjoy our big time in the travel. How to solve such problem is a must for happy and smooth travel. Here lists 4 translation solutions for cross country road warriors.

First: Travel with Package Tour

Package tour always provides specific tourist guides to specific country. Those guides could fluently use the native language of the travelers' country to illustrate places of interest in the destination country. Moreover, they could help travelers book hotels, find famous restaurants, reserve tickets, get amazing discounts, etc. Package tour not only provides great convenience, but also helps save time, money and energy.

Downsides of package tour also exist. One of the biggest problems of the package tour is that travelers are very negative in their travel, as they should obey all the arrangements made by the travel provider. If one unfortunately comes across scam travel supplier, his/her happy travel might turn to a nightmare.

Second: Hire an interpreter to accompany you in the destination country

For long-term travel, if you have friends in the destination country, congratulations! Your friends might be willing to solve almost all the traveling problems for you. If not, you could hire an interpreter to help you tackle language issues in your leisure travel or business negotiation. Nowadays, there are many companies or individuals provide language services in almost all the countries in the world. It might be a piece of cake for you to find someone to give you a hand. However, scams are ubiquitous.

When you choose, you should make adequate preparation, check his/her background, translating/interpreting history, specialty, etc. Choosing via reputable translation companies is recommended, such as Golden View (, because such companies have huge talent resource, provide high standard services and offer competitive prices.

Third: Take advantage of internet

Today, accessing basic translation tools through internet is as easy as a pie and some of them are totally free. Bing Translator supporting 20+ languages and Google Translate supporting about 50 languages are the most frequently used free translation tools in the world. Different countries have different translation tools, for example, iciba, youdao, and are very popular Chinese translation ( tools on the web.

Fourth: Make use of advanced cell phones

Cell phones not only bring unmatched convenience for our daily communication, but also help us effectively deal with other problems like language problems. Today, many mobile phones are made with translation applications. For example, LingvoSoft and SpeechGear in Windows Mobile-based smartphones offer a wide range of translation tools, Translator from MojoJungle is a welcomed translation tool for the Palm Pre, BlackBerry has 70+ different translation applications and iPhone features a broad array of language pairs.

Language hurdles would be harmless if you have a right tactic to fight against. Each solution mentioned above has its own characteristics and using environment. Choosing a right solution not only helps you save your budget, but also makes your travel more joyful and smooth.