Dee Cohen

Avoid Toxic Chemicals Using Go Green Products: Can Miracle Soap Do the Job


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2010 -- Let’s face it, chemicals are part of our daily life. From laundry detergents to dish soaps to household cleaners, many of these products are filled with things that we don’t want to breathe in, let alone have near the mouths of our kids or our pets. What’s worse, many people are allergic to these chemicals. Simply being near them can cause for sensitive individuals headaches, nausea, and breathing troubles. The interest in going green is a response to these matters as well as care for our environment.

Dee Cohen, a counselor in Boca Raton said, "Many of my clients have noticed that changing diet and switching products in their home have improved their respiratory and rash allergies."

Scientists are still studying many of the chemicals that we use every day in our households, but allergy testing as well as anecdotal evidence suggests that many people are sensitive to these substances. The cleaners that we use to wash dishes, shine windows, and soften our laundry can cause major problems for some people.

Symptoms of a chemical sensitivity can include migraines, breathing troubles, and difficulty concentrating on a task. Many people who experience these issues when they come into contact with chemicals think that it is just something they’ll have to live with, but fortunately this isn’t the case.

Several companies are starting to manufacture “green” cleaners-cleaning solutions that don’t include the harsh substances that cause problems for many people. You can learn more about green cleaning solutions from Miracle II Soap and read some observations there. Miracle Soap can be used for everything from doing your dishes to washing your hair and performs well based on the dilution principle. Because it is non-toxic you don’t have to worry about a child or animal breathing in harmful fumes.

Miracle Soap is unique because it actually helps to raise the pH of the body. Most people consume a large amount of acidic substances which lowers their ph level. The soap contains minerals that raises the pH of the body which enables one's system to cleanse itself of toxins and re-oxygenate. The product has been around for over twenty five years and proceeded the go green movement by decades.

According to psychotherapist Dee Cohen, "Miracle 2 II Soap is wonderful for both baths and all around cleaning. As a bath it detoxes you, is oxygenating, rejuvenating and has received nice feedback in aiding skin as well as muscle and joint issues.