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Lilongwe Flights Walking Through Lilongwe


London, England-- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2010 -- Lilongwe is the capital and the busiest city of Malawi. It is an interesting fact that Lilongwe is a “young city” having most of the public of the age in between 30 to 35 years. It enjoys beautiful aquatic location, and widespread beaches that makes Lilongwe a great holiday’s destination while tour to Africa. That is the basis that hundreds of fun lovers book fondly Lilongwe flights each year. The city gives a range of luxurious huge hotels offering you many tourists’ facilities with spacious rooms opening to the terraces giving you the awesome sights of shiny beaches.

The beach lovers would Lilongwe a splendid place. The atmosphere is very calm and tranquil. Sitting under the brightly colored chalets, having coconut and other tropical drinks, is just a perfect picnic. The tourism industry is also taking steps to enhance the tourism of Lilongwe. Numerous travel agencies also strive to offer cheap flights to Lilongwe.

Nyika National Park:
The largest and oldest park in Malawi is located on the plateau Nyika. The park is laden of grassy hills bordered by forested valleys. Visiting the park would be a revealing experience to the people interested in wildlife. Trout is widely observed in the streams and so as the eland, zebra and antelope. Many people associated with wildlife reserve their cheap flights to Lilongwe to extend their knowledge.

African Habitat:
Situated in Old Town gives a great shopping experience for crafted adorns, ornaments and Malawian conventional fixtures, also the poetry, literature and old historical books, maps and prints etc. Visitors getting in by Lilongwe flights then do have some shopping there.

Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary:
The center is working for the welfare of wounded animals. There is also an education centre aiming to provide awareness about the Malawi's wildlife. People working for wildlife fondly book cheap flights to Lilongwe to participate in the seminars conducted. The center also provides the housing facility to the visitors.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve:
Located at the banks of Lake Malawi, presents the nature’s beautiful masterpiece. It entertains the tourists with mountaineering, fishing, and trekking. It’s good to have our own car to get in there as few roads are available for the park. Many tourists each year book flights to Lilongwe to have excitement in the park.

Nkoma Mission is renowned for its astonishing Dutch architecture. It is a gigantic mountain would be a challenge for a good hiker. Nkhotakota Pottery, and Nyanja Art Studio are the admirable places to view the traditional art of pottery of Lilongwe. They also assist to learn about the techniques of pottery and even design your own take away. People planning their leisure trip by Lilongwe flights, don’t forget to be there.