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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2010 -- Abuja is the capital of the African country Nigeria, with 800,000 citizens. Many developed countries opt to have the capital city at the geographic center that’s the reason that the location of Abuja was particularly selected in 1980 and in 1981 it was formally declared as the capital of Nigeria. As a capital, many buildings are standing there like Nigerian National Assembly, Nigerian Presidential Complex, and Nigerian Supreme Court. Plus, its cool serene climate makes it good tourists’ destination and people around the globe contract cheap flights to Abuja for recreational purposes. The Three Arms Zone, in Abuja is comprised of the presidential Villa, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court; all are linked through a ring road.

Abuja National Stadium is the national sports stadium plus an axis for social, cultural festivals. The Africa’s largest sports’ event African Games were held in the stadium in 2003 and the airlines offered special flights to Nigeria for the event. The contract of designing the stadium on to the international nodes was handed over to the German architectures. The stadium also keeps a gym and swimming pool.

Millennium Tower is the highest building in Nigeria. It construction was started in 2006 and would done in 2011. The building will open new business perspectives internationally and the number of reservations for flights to Abuja would be increasing. The structure of the tower is so delicate with three rolling solid pillars of varied elevations.

The “Aso Rock” is a weird mountain to the south of Abuja. Its naturally odd formation gives a mysterious sight in the evening. Many myths are also attached with the rock. If you also get there through flights to Abuja then do trip that strange mountain.

The national Mosque is acknowledged as a national testimonial of Nigeria by the president. The mosque possesses the grand minarets encircle the vast dome. The Muslim community of Nigeria living in other countries reserves warmly the flights to Abuja on special occasions. It also houses a library, and conference room.

Gurara Falls, the great water body, is a cool picnic point for the travelers. It offers calm, tranquil environment and lush green vegetation. If you are also planning for a leisure trip to Nigeria and for cheap flights to Abuja then be assured that your trip doesn’t overlap with some major occasion in Africa when other people will also flying to Abuja.

Wuse Market is the biggest market and displays a true sight of Nigerian life. Its hundreds of stalls trade crafts, embroidered clothes, stones, and decorative. People get the cheap flights to Abuja must have some shopping from there as a testimonial of Abuja Nigeria.