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Uganda Flights - an Adventurous Journey to Uganda


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2010 -- Uganda is landlocked country in East Africa, most visited country in the region and in Africa. Uganda is placed at such a spot where surrounding areas are also very famous among travelers, thus resulting in thousands of tourists taking flights to Uganda all the time for vacationing. This country is surely gifted by Nature and fascinating everybody by its attractive landscape, affable people and beautiful weather. Take a cheap flight to this marvelous place and enjoy your adventurous journey.

There is lot more to do and to watch in Uganda and you would love to look at opportunities and choices to reach this place. Entebbe International Airport, Moyo Airport, and Arua Airport are the major entrance point to Uganda which is packed with excellent facilities. You can catch cheap flights to Uganda from any of these airports.

Lake Mburo National Park:
This Park consisting on the whole lake and is famous for its fauna. It has quite a large variety of impala but just a single park for zebras. This park is very near to Kampala.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park:
It is located close to the gorgeous Kisoro Town. If you want to view Gorilla then it is the best place but this special crowd is not always viewable from this place because sometimes gorillas are not here and if they are around, then gorilla permits are very cheap as compared to Bwindi which is another side to view Gorillas.

Lake Bunyonyi:
If you are back, to or from Gorillas then must visit this place for sitting, soothing, and canoe riding on the lake.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:
This park is also famed for Gorilla tramping and is sited at 10 hours drive from Kampala. But here walking and hiking is a bit tough and permits are also very costly but it really gives worth to your money and time.

Kibale Forest National Park:
This park contains a wide population of Kanyanchu and wild chimpanzees; it is really a must-see place to view more than 13 species of monkey and chimpanzee.

Queen Elizabeth National Park:
This is considered to be the oldest national park of Uganda. It also promotes wild life including elephants, lions, hyaenas, hippos, etc. all this adventures are just a flight away.

Mount Elgon National Park:
This is the 2ndhighest mountain of Uganda and 4th highest peak of Africa. If somebody is fanatic to hiking and mountain climbing then it will be a great adventure to book a flight to Uganda and enjoy trekking here.