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Looking at the Attractions of Uganda


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2010 -- Appearing as long thin country on the map of world, landlocked country spanning the equator Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries of Africa, showing a wide variety of vista, traditions and rich wildlife regardless of its reserved area. Tourists from Africa, Europe and other western countries specially plan their leisure trip to Uganda and especially book the Uganda flights.

Its status as 'Africa's pleasantest country' is not only certified to its lovable people, but also to its renovation as an ecological atmosphere, with the progressive organization of 10 national parks and wildlife reserves, and its preface of eco-tourism projects, and adventure sports that have made the country popular among the tourist circuit. So, plan out your holidays’ trip to Uganda, search for online Uganda cheap flights but be careful about the hidden charges and stipulations that are you really going to fly on cheap flights.

Queen Elizabeth National Park - is one of the most famous national parks of Uganda which appeals thousands of tourists interested in sighting the big game. Hundreds of daring tourists specially purchase the tickets of cheap flights to Uganda from UK just to adventure on the safaris of Uganda. The park swanks over 100 mammalian species, 606 bird species, and herds of elephants, hippos, and hog are sighted very regularly.

In 1960s, the Murchison was the superlative park of Africa. The huge Victoria Nile passes through it to the Lake Albert. Murchison Falls is the most impressive element of the Nile. The chasm is just 6m wide, crafting the falls the most influential surges of water body. People, who are planning to book Uganda flights, do take out some moments to enjoy the scenes of the falls.

Uganda Museum is the largest museum of the country sited on Old Kampala Hill. The different sections of museum show various value information the Archaeology section, music section, Independence pavilion section, Ethnography and many. Many literary personalities and experts book their flights to Uganda from all over the world for learning aspects.

The Lake Bunyonyi is the earnest cavern lake at a height of 1 840 m with numerous small islands. It is particularly home to various water birds. The spot offer a very charming picnic site. The people desire to book the cheap flights to Uganda for tourism purpose; their leisure trip is incomplete with out visiting the lake.

Makerere University of Kampala is one of the biggest universities of Africa. The university’s library has a great collection, and most key specialized collections. Students, from all over Africa, book flights to Uganda to acquire higher technical education from the university.