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Amazing Reports on Goji Berry Products


Salem, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2010 -- Gojiberries.us has launched a new product in the form of goji juice made from a good proportion of lycopene that boosts the antioxidants within the body to the higher levels. Being a direct wholesaler of goji juice one can get bulk quantity of items for resellers. Whatever maybe the product type Goji Berry is surely one of most trusted brands for food products.

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are known for their high nutritional value. There are a large variety of goji berry products available in the market including goji berry juice, dried goji berries, goji berry powder, goji berry candies, and so on. This article highlights certain facts taken from amazing reports on Goji berry products.

* Are dried goji berries better than goji juice?

Both dried goji berries and goji juice provide almost the same nutrition. However, dried goji berries are preferred over juices. Goji berries juice provides the same benefits as dried goji berries only if it is totally pure. There are many companies that adulterate the juices to have high profits. Such malpractice can not be followed in case of dried berries. Another benefit of dried goji berries is that it can be used in many recipes. Dried goji berries are also cheaper as compared to juices. Although dried goji berries are preferred as against juices, goji berry juices have comparatively a higher absorption rate.

* Buy goji berry products from reputed vendors

There are many vendors in the market who sell fake products in the name of goji berry products. That is not all. Many producers of goji berry products use rotten berries to make their products. They purchase the left over old berries at a lower price and use them in their products to increase their profit margins. Therefore, it is always better to buy such food supplements from reputed vendors. We, at www.gojiberries.us, sell goji berry products made from fully ripened and fresh berries. We import high quality berries and sell berry products in wholesale at competitive prices.

* Prevent diabetes

Researchers have found out that goji berry products not only act as a food supplement, they also have anti-diabetes properties. Goji berries contain agents that help to maintain the sugar levels in our body. They also contain the essential vitamins that help our body to fight auto-immune disorders. This property of goji berries assists in preventing type1 diabetes. Goji berry tonic is also available in the market that helps to boost the immune system of our body. The antioxidants present in the goji berry products help to reduce the fatal effects of diabetes.

* Other reports

You can find amazing reports on benefits of goji berry products online. People have written about their speedy recovery from various ailments by drinking goji berry juice regularly in addition to their prescribed medicines. Regular intake of goji berry products has also helped many people in loosing their body weight. Scientists have discovered that goji berry products help in enhancing our immunity and metabolism. This helps to keep us fresh and energetic.