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Opendelight PHP Framework for Enterprise-grade Web Application Development


Bhubaneswar, Odisha -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2010 -- PHP appeals to developers and software architects due to its agile nature and support for quick application development. However, possibility of procedural development and lack of inbuilt object model attract huge criticism. Since last several years, many efforts are on to create development frameworks to enforce correct development paradigm and to undertake requisite measures for building robust application architecture. In spite of all these, there is a huge gap between the available tools and industry requirements. The release of Opendelight is expected to shorten this gap.

Opendelight uses the popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern at the core of its technical architecture, and RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to create an object model for interaction between application and users using it. The framework provides an inbuilt object model that enforces full-fledged object-oriented development. But this has been envisaged fully for PHP-based development unlike other frameworks, most of which are inspired by frameworks in other programming languages. The framework cuts features in different front to look minimalist and to enforce a strict development paradigm for enterprise-grade application development.

Opendelight framework brings a number of distinct features and utilities to PHP-based development. It provides a web browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to setup and develop applications. The routine tasks like program control management, application configurations, and data control can be handled directly from the IDE. Once the framework is installed, the entire application structure along with security model is setup. Also, developers avail all requisite data objects to focus on development of business logic and user interface of application. The framework uses PDO (PHP Data Object) for accessing database within application, thus providing flexibility to use different relational databases as suited to demands. Above all, there is a comprehensive documentation available online and in downloadable format to assist developers to start with the framework and during application development process.

Opendelight framework has been created by Ashwini Rath at ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited. The framework is free and opensource to coincide with the spirit of PHP and the technology focus at ADII. A list of things including creation of web service library and facility for full-fledged object modeling on Opendelight IDE have been planned for development in the coming months. The company has created an online discussion forum to support developers by answering their queries and by addressing their issues while using the framework. Regular training and workshops are also planned to enable the PHP developers to use the framework effectively.

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