New Green Way to Get Cash for Old DVDs, CDs and Games


Sunderland, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2010 -- UK households bin 100 million tonnes of rubbish every year. WeBuyDvds.co.uk will reduce that amount by rewarding people with cash for recycling their unwanted DVDs, CDs and games.

“We wanted to make recycling more profitable than throwing away your old unwanted DVDs,” said Simon Allen.

“Instead of carrying their discs to the rubbish bin our customers carry them to the post office. Instead of taking in an empty bin on collection day they can take in a cheque in from the post box.”

WeBuyDvds.co.uk offers a simple to use website that makes recycling fast and easy. Register for free in only minutes. Enter the barcode from the DVDs, CDs and games you want to sell, and print your shipping labels and welcome pack. Drop the package off at your nearest post office and you are finished. All that is left to do is to watch the post for your cheque to arrive. It’s actually that simple.

Since the rise in popularity of mp3 players and downloadable media, discs are becoming less and less a part of our daily lives. WeBuyDvds.co.uk helps clear out the clutter caused by all of the unwanted discs piling up around your house or flat.

Recycling your old, unwanted DVDs for cash helps protect the environment, and fatten your wallet. Binned discs account for 3,000 tonnes of waste in UK landfills each year. Recycling with WeBuyDvds.co.uk means you’re giving your old discs new life, and reducing the need to produce more discs.

How it works:

Dig through your cupboards and closets for unwanted DVDs, CDs and games. Make sure the discs are relatively free of damage, and that you have the case, instructions and inserts.

Registering is simple. Within minutes you are ready to find out how much money you will receive for your old discs. Enter the barcode on each disc to learn how much it is worth. With our innovative system, you know exactly how much your discs are worth before you mail them.

Now you are ready to mail your discs. The welcome pack is all you need to recycle your discs: mailing labels for your package, an invoice detailing your shipment, and a covering letter.

Printing your welcome pack at home helps reduce carbon emissions, and allows you to post your discs immediately and receive your cash faster. No printer, no problem. Just request a welcome pack on our website and we will send it to you using Royal Mail. No matter which method you chose, you can post your package at any post office.

The only thing left to do is to decide how you will spend your cheque. It’s really that simple!

About WeBuyDVDs.co.uk
WeBuyDvds.co.uk started out purchasing DVDs for online resale. People wanted an easier way to sell their used DVDs, and we stepped in to offer them one.

Our friendly staff wanted to help the environment as well as their customers. We created an innovative way to reward recycling by offering money for unwanted discs. The response was so overwhelming that we expanded to accept music and game CDs, keeping even more discs out of landfills.

As an eco-friendly company, we know that protecting the environment is our business. Our office proudly uses 70 per cent recycled materials in our daily operations and we recycle 60 per cent of our rubbish.

We understand that pirated media costs consumers money through higher fees on new CDs and DVDs. That’s why WeBuyDvds.co.uk refuses all pirated, or copied, media and reports any breaches of copyright law to the proper authorities.

For more information about selling your discs visit http://www.WeBuyDvds.co.uk. For interview requests please contact Simon Allen at press@webuydvds.co.uk or by phone 0843-289-5518