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ABC Business Consulting is Now Offering a Business Plan Book for Ultimate Business Success


Williamsburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2010 -- ABC Business Consulting, LLC - - is very pleased to announce that its Business Planning Book is now available for purchase. Frank Goley (business consultant for ABC) wrote the “Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook – A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning”. The book contains Frank’s twenty plus years experience in writing business plans and helping companies to succeed. Frank developed his first business plan over 20 years ago as an internship in business school, and he has learned a lot about business planning along with way. He wrote this Business Plan Workbook and Guide to take the mystery and confusion out of the business planning experience, providing entrepreneurs and business owners valuable tools to successfully start, expand, fund or purchase a business. No matter the age of a company, type or stage of company, this straight forward, step-by-step business planning workbook and guide has a principal purpose to help a business achieve sustained business success.

This Comprehensive Business Plan Book is available as an immediate digital book download. It has over 130 pages and contains Seven Main Sections…

Section One: Business Planning Process, Organization and Tips
The guide explains in detail how to develop and organize an effective business plan, along with how to address different plan uses, audiences and types. Frank explains why many business plans fail, and he provides over 100 business planning mistakes to avoid. The book contains hundreds of business planning tips, and how to actually implement a business plan when completed. The business plan guide includes simple steps on how to form and package a Business Plan. There are also great tips about soliciting funds from Venture Capital, Private Investors, Banks and Commercial Lenders.

Section Two: Overall Business Plan Outline and Template
Once the step by step Business Plan Workbook is completed, there is a Template supplied so the draft business plan can be quickly and easily formed into a package ready, professional and effective Business Plan.

Section Three: The Business Plan Workbook
The 77 page Business Plan Workbook is organized by major business plan sections and sub-sections, and it provides all the necessary steps, questions and requirements to successfully develop a Comprehensive Business Plan, along with different types of targeted, ancillary plans, such as a Business Funding Plan. Simple, step by step process, yet, detailed and inclusive: Contains over 2,500 questions, requirements, examples, financial formulas and tips!

Section Four: Financial Formats, Valuations and Formulas
The book simplifies the complicated nature of Financial Statement Development and Analysis. Frank includes a Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Sales Forecast Statement, Balance Sheet, Business and Personal Financial Statement, Schedule of Real Estate, Operating Budget and much more, including: Profit and Loss Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Assets and Liabilities Analysis, Break Even Analysis and Stock Value Analysis. The book also includes Business Valuations by Assets, Earnings and Cash Flow, including helpful Financial Formulas and Concepts. All of these financial statements, analyses and formulas are simply explained and illustrated, so any experience level entrepreneur and business owner can understand the financial concepts, and most importantly, apply them.

Section Five: Loan Package Workbook
30 Section Loan Package and Loan Summary Guide to help business owners obtain Bank Finance, Commercial Finance and even Private Equity Finance.

Section Six: Venture and Project Overview Template
A 50 item Venture / Project Overview to target Commercial Lenders, Venture Capitalists and Investors.
Section Seven: Investment Overview Template

A 52 item Investment Overview to help obtain Venture Capital Investment or Private Investor Funding.

At the conclusion of the workbook’s Business Planning Process, you will have a Comprehensive Business Plan to successfully start, run, expand or buy a business, no matter the stage of your company’s development. You will also with ease be able to develop a variety of targeted Business Plans, including a Funding Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan, Sales Plan, Investor Plan, Lender Plan, Loan Package, Loan Summary, Joint Venture Plan, Strategic Alliance Plan, Supplier Plan, Customer Plan, Regulatory Plan, Public Relations Plan, Investment Overview and Venture / Project Overview.

The business plan book offers a lifetime of unlimited book updates at no additional charge. When Frank has important updates to the Business Planning Workbook and Guide, ABC Business Consulting will notify the book purchaser via email so the purchaser can immediately download and implement them all for FREE!

Improve your Business Success today! You can purchase the “Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook – A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning” on the ABC Business Consulting website: The purchaser can download the Business Plan Workbook and Guide immediately as a digital book. Hurry – the Introductory Price is offered for a limited time only!

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ABC Business Consulting - - is a woman owned company. Mary McCoy, the President, has a diverse and experienced background in banking, mortgage lending, taxes and medical billing. Frank Goley, the ABC business consultant, has over twenty years experience as a business owner, entrepreneur and consultant working with small and medium size companies in a wide range of industries on a global basis. ABC develops business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, funding business plans, business finance packages and executive summaries, and provides web SEO, web marketing and website development services. ABC offers full solution business consulting, business coaching and business turnaround consulting. ABC’s mission is to help its clients succeed through planning, consulting, and most importantly, implementing sustainable business success strategies. ABC values long term client relationships and is currently offering fantastic Recession Discounts on all its business success services.

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