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Strategic Design Network Inc. Announces Fo’Shizzle My Quizzle’s New Version

Strategic Design Network Inc. relaunches Fo’Shizzle My Quizzle with more quizzes and the ability to create and send gifts.


Cedar Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2010 -- Fo’ Shizzle My Quizzle was launched on Facebook earlier this year by Strategic Design Network, Inc. The original application allowed users to take three different quiz types as well as make their own. A new version of Fo’ Shizzle My Quizzle has just been released with better quiz features and more capability for social activity.

Three new quiz types have been added to the already existing categories. “Friend Quizzle” allows the quiz taker to answer a yes or no question about one of their friends. “Who Am I” uses the letters in the quiz taker’s name to analyze what the future holds in store for them. “Five Friend Analyzer” answers the important questions like which of your five friends visit your profile the most.

“Quiz applications are among some of the fastest growing new apps on Facebook,” says Strategic Design Network’s president, Seth Goldberg. “Players want to know what their friends are thinking and doing.”

Recognizing another trend on Facebook, SDN installed a unique gift system that enables users to create and send their own gifts. When a user creates a gift they assign a coin value to it. The coin value represents how much the gift costs another user to send. The gift creator earns coins when their gift is sent by another user. Coins can be redeemed for special incentives and prizes. Monthly cash drawings will be held to promote the quizzes and reward the quiz creators for using Quizzle.

Users who complete the four steps to grant permission for Quizzle to post to their feed will gain access to Afro-ticons, a set of special emoticons exclusive to Strategic Design Network and Fo’Shizzle My Quizzle.

To see Fo’Shizzle My Quizzle in action, go to If you are not on Facebook visit for more information.

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