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Bridgview Legal Funding Announces Opening of East Coast Office

Bridgeview becomes one of only a few companies within the industry that now have a national presence.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2010 -- Bridgeview Legal Funding Inc. announced today the opening of its East Coast office in Fairfield, NJ. The company sees this as a major “stepping stone” in its goal to be a nationally recognized leader within the evolving legal funding industry. With offices now in Scottsdale, AZ and New Jersey, Bridgeview is positioned to efficiently service the needs of their customers and strategic partners – through each and every national time zone.

Charles Cocuzza, Bridgeview’s CEO, commented, “We view this opening as not only a bi-coastal expansion for our company, but a key acquisition of experienced personal within the industry; who will bring a lot to the table toward our corporate, long-term strategy. But the biggest benefit will be to our customers, who will reap an expeditious closing process directly in-line with our recently announced ‘48 hr. funding process’ - outlined on our web-site: By utilizing more resources derived from both locations -and being able to do so across 4 time zones- will unquestionably position us as a volume leader in funding within the industry.”

Bridgeview becomes one of only a few companies within the industry that now have a national presence.The company believes this will be the start of increased activity for the firm, by aligning with many other industry related personal, including the potential for small acquisitions within the industry. Charles Cocuzza added, “we are actively looking to build our brand by bringing on synergistic assets, this could come in the way of either opening new offices, out-right acquisitions, or strategic partnerships. We believe the lawsuit funding industry is ripe for major growth, and it is our goal to be at the forefront of this expansion. The opening of our East Coast office, I firmly believe, will be the turning point in our company’s future.”

About Bridgeview
Bridgeview Legal Funding Inc. ( is a funding firm which "advances" Plaintiffs immediate cash (usually within 48 hours) against their pending Lawsuit. BridgeView's funding process allows individuals the ability to "Bridge" their financial burdens so that they can "View" their future today.Our services are sometimes vital for individuals to meet their financial needs during a period of uncertainty and concern, while also providing the ability to "remain patient" while your case consumes the necessary time to obtain its full value. This creates a "win-win" situation for all parties involved in this process. Best of all, our underwriters are some of the most aggressive in the industry and pay you an optimal price NOW for your case with NO RISK TO YOU.

The non-recourse loan protects you against the potential of your case being delayed, appealed or worse, not funding at all! That's right ZERO risk to you. Visit our blog at or our consumer site at

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